Three Men Injured In Lehigh Acres Hit-And-Run Crash

Three Lehigh Acres men suffered injuries after their car was struck by a hit-and-run driver.

Lehigh resident, Eric Parent, was riding shotgun in the car around 12:15 in the morning at the intersection of Lee Boulevard and Alvin Avenue when he saw an SUV barreling toward him.

“I saw the car coming at us and I said, watch out! Watch out! Watch out!” Friend recalled.

He said the SUV which appeared to be a late-90’s dark blue Chevy Tahoe sped through a red light and crunched the passenger side of the car.

“There was one guy who stopped and he asked where the other driver went and he chased after him to see if he could get a license plate,” said Friend.

That SUV never stopped and was too far gone by the time anyone could catch the car’s license plate.

“He just whacked us and left. Didn’t even make sure anyone was okay,” Friend said.

All three men suffered minor injuries.

Friend received an X-ray and ultrasound for the seat belt mark across his stomach and shoulder injuries, the passenger in the back seat suffered a hip injury.

“You’re like- oh I drive safe so I’ll be fine. It’s not always about that,” said Friend. 

He said he wants the driver brought to justice and doesn’t know how that driver sleeps at night.

“I don’t know how someone can live with their conscience like that,” said Friend.

If you have any information about the Saturday morning hit and run contact the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

Comment from Anidjar and Levine:

Glen Levine, from the Law Firm of Anidjar and Levine, comments on this crash. “Three men were injured in this unfortunate hit-and-run accident that happened at the intersection of Lee Boulevard and Alvin Avenue. Our condolence goes to the families of the injured. Injuries and deaths sustained in a motorcycle or vehicle accident can affect the lives of all parties involved and their families who feel the effects even when they are not directly involved. The pain and suffering that comes with these incidents can become a major burden on day-to-day life.

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