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We need to work to make money and survive, but what happens when we suffer injuries at work? People can often manage their workers’ compensation policy without any hassle, but sometimes, this is not the case. When you are injured on the job in the Tampa, Florida, area, and the workers’ comp insurance company gives you difficulty, it may benefit you to call a Tampa workers’ compensation lawyer.

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The Benefits of Working with a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

According to the Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC), employers working within this state must provide workers’ compensation. However, requirements vary by industry and the size of the company. If you experience any difficulty, consider reaching out to an attorney from our firm.

Often in cases of a minor injury or when your employer cooperates, the claim should be open and shut. Even in these cases, it might still benefit you to consult an attorney from our firm who can advise you on the best steps to take and any potential issues you may face.

However, when you suffer a severe injury that may need a more extended treatment plan, or your situation encounters some sort of complicated issue, our firm can provide valuable assistance. You may want to consider contacting our firm for help if:

  • Your claim is denied: Sometimes, an employer or the insurance company will deny your claim, hoping that you will not appeal the decision. However, this is unfair to you and slaps you with the financial burden.
  • Your employer does not pay your award promptly: If your employer receives your award but withholds it from you for any reason, you may benefit from speaking with a Tampa workers’ compensation lawyer from our firm.
  • The award does not compensate you the correct amount of your lost income and medical bills: When you’re hurt at work, you are likely missing time from your job and not getting paid for it. Add in medical bills, and you may be losing a lot of money. Your award should compensate you fairly according to the details of your employer’s workers’ compensation policy.
  • You face workplace retaliation for claiming workers’ comp: Unfortunately, some bosses and managers may try to take it out on you if you claim workers’ compensation. If they do, our firm can help defend your rights.

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How a Lawyer from the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine May Help Your Case

Typically, insurance companies are not going to be on your side. Their goal is to make and keep money, meaning it could be challenging to get them to pay out your claim. They will want proof of your injuries and to see how the injury prevents you from doing your job before paying out any funds. If you have an attorney from our firm on your side, we can present the evidence and argue on your behalf.

We will also handle communications with the insurance company and your place of employment, so you don’t have to stress over it while also recovering from your injury.

Your lawyer will also assemble all necessary proof, including medical records, insurance bills, and other items. Some workers’ comp policies will also dictate what doctor you can visit for treatment, and your lawyer will communicate with them to obtain any needed documentation. If any security camera footage of the incident is available, they will get that for you as well.

According to Florida Statute § 440.19, you have two years from the date of the injury to file a claim. It is advised to act as quickly as possible so you do not miss that statute of limitations and lose your eligibility to recover compensation. Your lawyer can handle filing your claim before the statute expires.

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Types of Financial Awards You May Receive

A lawyer from our firm will fight for you to get everything they can, which may include:

  • Lost income: You will likely miss significant time at work while you recover from your injury, and you deserve to be compensated for those lost wages.
  • Future estimated earnings: If your injury is severe enough to prevent you from returning to your job, you can also claim your future lost income.
  • Medical expenses: The bills for surgery, rehabilitation, hospital stays, physical therapy, and other treatment can add up rapidly.

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