Tampa Paralysis Traumatic Brain Injuries Lawyer Traumatic brain injuries, possibly resulting in paralysis, are a potential result from slips and falls.

Every landowner in Tampa has a duty to keep visitors to their property safe. However, just because a slip and fall occurs while you are visiting another’s property does not automatically mean that the owner is responsible for your injuries. It is necessary to prove that the landowner had a specific duty to keep you safe and that they failed in this duty.

This reality can be especially harsh to people suffering from severe injuries after their accidents. Among the most serious of these are traumatic brain injuries that result in paralysis. These injuries may require people to need medical care for the rest of their lives, significantly impact their overall quality of life, and eliminate their ability to earn a living.

Working with a Tampa paralysis traumatic brain injuries lawyer could help you to collect the compensation that you need to set things right. The legal team at the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine goes the extra mile to protect your legal rights and hold negligent landowners responsible for their actions. Call us today at 1-800-747-3733 to discover more.

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How Traumatic Brain Injuries May Lead to Paralysis

A traumatic brain injury describes any impact that affects the health of your brain. According to the Mayo Clinic, these incidents are often the result of violent jolts to the head or direct contact with an object that causes the brain to slide around the inside of the skull. A prominent example of the incidents that may lead to these types of injuries are slips and falls where a person’s head makes contact with the ground or another object on the way down.

Many people are lucky, and their traumatic brain injuries amount to little more than a slight concussion. However, in extreme circumstances, these incidents can result in permanent damage. Severe traumatic brain injuries can so harshly damage the brain as to destroy this organ’s ability to control other parts of the body. In this way, traumatic brain injuries can lead to paralysis.

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Landowners Have an Obligation to Keep You Safe

Being a property owner is both a privilege and a responsibility. Whether an owner is a private person, running a business, or providing a public service, they have the duty to keep visitors on their land safe. However, this duty is not the same for every visitor.

If people enter land without the permission of the owner or remain there after the owner tells them to leave, they are trespassers. Under state law, specifically Florida Statute §768.075, landowners are only liable for injuries to trespassers when the owner commits an act of intentional misconduct or gross negligence that leads to an injury. In other words, accidental injuries that harm trespassers are rarely a justification for a personal injury claim.

If you had permission to be on the land, the property owner has a duty to protect you. They must keep their land in a reasonably safe condition for visitors. This includes performing maintenance to prevent the onset of hazards. Additionally, landowners must warn you about any potentially dangerous situations about which they have knowledge. The legal team at the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine can help to explain the state’s laws concerning the obligations of landowners to protect visitors. Call 1-800-747-3733 today for your free consultation.

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Connecting the Failure to Keep You Safe to a Claim for Compensation

Even if you had permission to be on the property when the fall occurred, you still need to prove that the landowner’s negligence caused your injuries. Gathering evidence as quickly as possible after the fall may be the most effective way to prove your case. A Tampa paralysis traumatic brain injuries lawyer may be able to work to determine why the fall happened and why the landowner’s failure to properly maintain their property was the cause of the fall.

The exact process for this will vary based on the facts of your case. For example, if the fall occurred in a grocery store, our legal team may obtain surveillance videos. We may also look to gather maintenance records and talk to third-party witnesses who may have seen you fall. In short, we will aim to take every step necessary to demonstrate why your accident occurred and why the landowner was negligent in allowing it to take place.

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Appropriate Compensation in Traumatic Brain Injury Paralysis Cases

Clearly, paralysis injuries that result from brain damage are serious. Even with prompt and advanced medical care, many of these incidents result in permanent damage that will affect every portion of your life. As a result, any claim for damages from an at-fault property owner must accurately reflect these losses.

Of course, your case will likely demand payment for all your medical bills. These include past costs as well as an estimated value for all future medical care. Your Tampa paralysis traumatic brain injuries attorney may work with medical experts to place a value on this future treatment.

In addition, paralysis will always affect your overall quality of life. These accidents are traumatic events, and it will take some time to come to terms with your new reality, if you ever do. These changes in your life are compensable losses for which negligent landowners are responsible. The legal team at the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine is sensitive to the immense impact that traumatic brain injuries can have on people’s lives. We will work with you to understand your situation and to demand appropriate payments from at-fault property owners.

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Every property owner in Tampa has the obligation to keep you safe when they invite you onto their land. This applies equally to private landowners and businesses. Even so, the burden falls on you to prove that you had permission to be on the property and that the landowner’s failure to keep you safe resulted in your injuries.

This is especially important when your injuries are severe, such as when you suffer paralysis after a traumatic brain injury. These cases often demand payments for medical costs, lost income, and an altered quality of life.

A Tampa paralysis traumatic brain injuries lawyer is ready to fight for you. The legal team at the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine may be able to take the lead in your case from day one to protect your legal rights and hold negligent landowners responsible for their actions. Call us today at 1-800-747-3733 to discuss your case.