Spinal cord injuries are among the most devastating and expensive personal injuries to treat. If you or a loved one suffers this type of catastrophic neck or back injury, your entire family’s life changes in an instant. These injuries often lead to permanent physical impairments that require lifelong care to manage.

At the Law Firm of Anidjar & Levine, we understand how difficult it can be to live with paralysis or other after effects of spinal cord injuries. This is especially true when you owe medical bills and ongoing care costs, but cannot return to work due to your injuries and the resulting disabilities.

All too often, these injuries are preventable. They occur because someone else acts carelessly or negligently. If someone else’s reckless behavior caused your injuries, we may be able to file a claim for compensation on your behalf. Call 800-747-3733 for a free case review with a spinal cord injury lawyer in Plantation.

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Did negligence cause my spinal cord injuries?

Spinal cord injuries occur in a wide variety of ways. Many of these accidents do not have to happen, yet they do because another person is negligent. If your accident happened in one of the following situations, contact our attorneys immediately. We can hold the at-fault party responsible for your injury and the related costs.

Car Accidents

According to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center, 38 percent of all spinal cord injuries occur during car accidents. Florida operates on a no-fault auto insurance system, but if you suffered permanent injuries in the car crash you may be eligible to file an additional claim against the at-fault driver’s liability policy. We can help you understand your legal options based on car accident tort statutes. We also represent truck accident victims. If a truck driver caused your crash, we can hold the trucking company responsible under the state’s vicarious liability laws.


Negligence can cause spinal cord injuries when a loose or broken railing gives way, when someone slips and falls from a height, when a customer trips over an obstruction in a store, or in dozens of other ways. If your fall occurred because of a negligent property owner, we may be able to file an insurance claim or lawsuit on your behalf based on Florida’s premises liability laws.

Violent Acts

Many violent acts are intentional, so it is difficult to see them in the same light as a car crash or other accident that occurs due to a mistake or misjudgment. However, the state’s personal injury laws apply to these crimes, as well. Gunshots, stabbings, and assault are the top causes of spinal cord injuries that occur during violent attacks.

Sports Activities

Spinal cord injuries that happen during football and other contact sports are typically accidental. However, diving and other swimming pool injuries may occur because of negligence on the part of the property owner or facility operator. If we find that improper maintenance or known hazards led to your spinal cord injuries, we may be able to file a premises liability claim on your behalf.

Spinal cord injuries also occasionally occur in ways that require us to use other laws to recover the compensation you deserve. This includes defective product statutes and strict liability doctrines, medical malpractice laws, and other tort laws.

No matter how your spinal cord injury occurred, our lawyers have the legal expertise necessary to help you recover compensation. We will navigate the claims process so you can focus on healing.

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What can I expect from the insurance claims process after a spinal cord injury?

The insurance claims process may vary somewhat depending on the laws applicable to your particular situation, but you can feel confident we can guide you through it. We have the resources and experience necessary to pursue a successful claim in almost any personal injury situation, including those that involve catastrophic spinal cord injuries.

After an accident, it is essential you call us as soon as possible. Then, we can go to work collecting evidence and proving negligence. We can file a claim as soon as your injuries stabilize. We can talk about your condition with your doctor and rehabilitation center and bring in experts to help us understand your ongoing and future medical care costs. Once we understand the full value of your expenses and other damages, we can send a demand letter to the insurance company and begin settlement negotiations.

In most cases, we can recover a fair payout for our clients by aggressively negotiating a settlement with the insurer. However, if they deny your claim or refuse to negotiate, we can litigate your case. We can file a civil lawsuit in a South Florida court, asking a judge to grant you the money you need to cover your losses.

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How much is my spinal cord injury claim worth?

We cannot tell you exactly how much you will receive from your claim until we reach a settlement with the insurance company or the judge announces your award following a lawsuit. We can, however, help you understand the estimated range of damages you suffered.

Before we begin settlement negotiations, we collect documentation for all of your injury-related damages. This includes medical bills, rehabilitation costs, required home remodeling expenses, the cost of equipment—like hospital beds, lifts, and wheelchairs—and even pain and suffering damages. We will also include the cost of your lost wages, missed promotions, and reduced earning capacity related to your spinal cord injury.

Only once we calculate the total value of your losses can we provide an accurate picture of what a fair settlement will look like in your case. Then we can send a demand letter or enter into negotiations with the insurance company with a clear understanding of the maximum payout you may expect.

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How can I talk to a spinal cord injury attorney in Plantation?

The legal team at the Law Firm of Anidjar & Levine has the skill and resources necessary to help you navigate the claims process no matter what type of accident led to your spinal injuries. No matter how devastating your prognosis is, we can hold the liable party financially responsible while you focus on your rehabilitation.

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