If you or a family member has suffered a spinal cord injury, you may be experiencing an extremely frightening time. Any accident or personal injury can leave a victim feeling vulnerable and fearful of what the future holds. Spinal cord injuries, however, present unique battles for all concerned.

A spinal cord injury is a life-threatening event that often results in permanent damage. While advances in neuroscience continue to open the door to new treatment options, these injuries often demand a new way of life from their victims.

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Common Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries in North Miami

Spinal cord injuries can occur in a variety of ways. If your injury happened because of someone else’s recklessness or carelessness, we can hold them responsible for your damages. The types of spinal cord injury cases for which you may pursue compensation could include:

  • Car accidents;
  • Motorcycle accidents;
  • Truck accidents;
  • Slip and fall accidents;
  • Occupational accidents or diseases;
  • Athletic injuries;
  • Surgical or medical negligence;
  • Injuries due to defective products; and
  • Violence or assault.

Sometimes there is more than one party at fault in a case like this. Our attorneys will investigate the cause of your accident and identify the faulty parties involved. We can hold each of them responsible for your damages.

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How Can I Hold Someone Responsible for My Damages?

To recover damages, we can file an insurance claim with the responsible party’s insurer. In this claim, we will detail the cause of your injury, the damages you have suffered, and how much compensation you need to be whole. If the at-fault party’s insurance company refuses to offer a fair out-of-court settlement, we can help you file a lawsuit.

Under the state’s negligence statutes, we must first prove several elements about the at-fault party before we can file an insurance claim or lawsuit.

The Faulty Party Owed You a Legal Duty of Care.

In negligence cases, a duty of care is an obligation to others by which a person or company must abide. In some situations, state law establishes a duty of care. Property owners, for example, owe a duty of care to keep their premises safe for visitors. If someone violates this, they are responsible for any injuries that occur as a result.

In other cases, however, the duty of care can be a bit vague. Our attorneys know how to establish that the at-fault party in your case owed you a duty to keep you safe.  

They Breached That Duty.

After establishing a legal duty, we must prove a breach occurred. In some cases, a breach may seem straightforward. If a property owner know about a fall hazard and failed to correct it, they breached their legal duty to their visitors.

Many cases, however, require an opinion from an expert witness that the faulty party breached their duty of care. We have access to a network of experts who can help us show how a breach occurred in your case.

The Breach Proximately Caused Your Injuries.

Causation is the third element of a negligence claim—and a critical one. Even with a clear duty and evidence of a breach, there must be a causal relationship between the breach and your injuries. The relationship cannot be a loose one.

In any personal injury case, we must be able to prove proximate cause. This means if the breach of the duty had not occurred, your injury would not have occurred, either. Causation is another area where we may rely on the expertise of a professional to make the best possible case for compensation.

You Suffered a Specific Amount of Damages.

The last element we must prove is damages. We can show your damages by collecting your medical bills, repair receipts, employment statements documenting your missed wages, and other evidence. We will also consult experts like neurologists, vocational specialists, or economists to prove the future impact your spinal cord injury will have on your daily life.

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What Compensation Can I Collect After a Spinal Cord Injury?

Spinal cord damage regularly causes serious, permanent injuries. You may face impaired breathing, weakness or paralysis in the arms and legs, or even death. We can help you recover compensation for these and any other losses your injury has caused.

While each case is unique, a list of possible compensation you may be able to recover includes:

Hospital and surgery expenses;

Neurological tests;

Physician and therapy bills;

The cost of a long-term care facility or home health care;

Long-term care expenses;

Medical equipment, mobility aids, and accessibility modifications;

Vocational or occupational therapy;

Lost income;

Loss of future earning ability;

Wrongful death damages for a fatal injury;

Damages for any loss of consortium or filial relationships;

Emotional distress;

Pain and suffering;

Inconvenience; and

Loss of enjoyment of life.

Since compensation is case-specific, we cannot provide you with a specific value for your claim until we meet to discuss your accident. After we talk about your case, we can leave you with a range of possibilities to consider.

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The Law Firm of Anidjar & Levine Can Help You After a Spinal Cord Injury.

At the Law Firm of Anidjar & Levine, we work hard to build a persuasive case on our clients’ behalf.  We are familiar with insurance company tactics, so we know how to protect injury victims from making a hasty decision to accept a quick settlement.

We can help you navigate through difficult medical terminology and complex legal procedures that come along with a spinal cord injury. If you have not yet noticed, the paperwork associated with personal injury cases can quickly grow overwhelming.

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