What Can a Nurse Licensing Board Suspend a Nurse’s License For? Actions that could lead to a license suspension include making mistakes during patient care, committing a crime, or negligence.

The suspension of a nurse’s license is a significant action that the state of Florida may take against a nurse. So what can a nurse licensing board suspend a nurse’s license for? Multiple items could result in a suspension of a nursing license, including things like committing a crime, treating a patient in a negligent manner, or errors in patient care.

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Determining Whether a Nurse’s License Will Be Suspended

The majority of nurses do their jobs to the best of their ability, caring for patients properly, and helping them stay as healthy as possible. However, should a nurse neglect his or her duties, it could result in the suspension of their license to practice in Florida.

Some of the specific items for which a nurse could have his or her license suspended include:

  • Failure to meet minimum educational requirements
  • Failure to complete continuing education programs in accordance with the Florida Board of Nursing
  • Abuse of patients
  • Mistakes in care
  • Sexual misconduct or sexual abuse of patients
  • Illegal drug use
  • Committing fraud
  • Lying on a license application form
  • Failing a criminal background check, in accordance with Florida’s statutes & constitution
  • Committing a crime outside the medical facility

Disciplining a Nurse

The Florida Department of Health may choose to invoke a suspension hearing against a nurse after learning about information that represents a violation. Members of the public are able to search a database at the Department of Health’s website to see any recent suspensions of nurses.

In a suspension, the nurse could lose his or her right to practice for a set period of time in Florida, or the suspension could be permanent.

How a Discipline Action Starts

A nurse could be accused of wrongdoing by others through the filing of a complaint against the nurse at the Florida health care complaint portal. Anyone can file a complaint against a nurse, including:

  • A patient
  • A family member of a patient
  • A co-worker
  • Other medical personnel
  • An employer

Additionally, the nurse could admit to performing some sort of mistake or act of negligence and self-report a violation.

Any time the state receives a complaint against a nurse, it must begin an investigation into the situation.

Options Beyond Suspension

Authorities do not have to suspend a nurse’s license after receiving a complaint. The facts in the case could show that the nurse did not do anything wrong, and the case would be dismissed.

In other cases, the state may find the nurse made a mistake or behaved in a negligent manner, but that this action does not rise to the level that would warrant a suspension. The nurse could receive a formal discipline, which may result in a probationary period or a monetary fine.

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