What Entity Establishes the Rules for Nursing Practice? The Florida Board of Nursing is responsible for establishing the rules of nursing practice in conjunction with other health entities.

The Florida Board of Nursing (BON) is the entity that establishes the rules for nursing practice in the state. It was created to license, educate, monitor, and discipline nurses as appropriate. It is governed by the Florida Nurse Practice Act (NPA) and operates under the Florida Board of Health (BOH).

For nurses with questions or concerns about disciplinary action proceedings, they may discuss their situation with a Florida professional regulations attorney with experience defending those types of cases.

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The Governor Appoints Board Members to Run the Florida BON

The Florida BON plays a significant role in the regulation of health care. It comprises 13 members who must all be residents of Florida, with one member being at least 60 years of age. Each member must also not have any financial interest in any hospital or insurer.

The board must also include:

  • Seven registered nurses (RNs) with at least four years of professional practice
    • One must also be an advanced practice registered nurse (ARNP)
    • One must also be a nurse executive
    • One must also be a nurse educator member from an approved program
  • Three licensed practical nurses (LPNs) with at least four years of professional practice
  • Three consumer members who are not connected with the nursing profession

Florida’s governor appoints members for terms of four years, which are served until another successor is appointed. The Department of Health’s (DOH) Division of Medical Quality Assurance provides administrative support to the board with a staff based in Tallahassee.

There Are Rules Set by the Florida BON

The Florida BON carries out the legislation outlined in the Florida NPA. The purpose of the NPA is to ensure that practicing nurses act safely and meet minimum licensing standards to carry out this objective. Nurses who violate these standards are subject to disciplinary action, including license revocation.

The NPA sets out the following guidelines for the nursing profession in Florida:

  • Board governance
  • Rulemaking authority
  • Licensure and status rules
  • Violations
  • Penalties
  • Florida Center for Nursing and its goals
  • Exceptions
  • Retiree certification

There are more than twenty subsections outlined in the NPA. For nurses who have questions about the applicability of any of these rules, they may direct them toward a Florida professional regulations lawyer for legal advice specific to their situation.

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Contact a Law Firm If You Are Being Investigated by the Florida BON

The Florida BON is responsible for handing down disciplinary action against nurses who they believe are guilty of a violation. If you are in this situation, you have the opportunity to request a formal or informal hearing on the Election of Rights form sent to you.

Both options carry different legal impacts on your complaint and the alleged violation. Therefore, you may want to contact a professional regulations law firm as soon as possible to protect your rights and receive trusted legal guidance throughout the process.

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