How Is Pain and Suffering Calculated After a Truck Accident? An attorney with experience taking on personal injury cases can handle truck accidents.

A personal injury attorney is the type of lawyer who would handle truck accidents. Many personal injury attorneys can take on cases involving a wide range of collisions involving passenger cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, or pedestrians. 

While there are no special designations for truck accident lawyers, some attorneys focus their practices on these types of accidents. This focus could benefit you as you pursue a claim for financial compensation. 

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Are There Specialized Truck Accident Lawyers in Florida?

While some jurisdictions recognize certain attorneys as experts or specialists, the state carefully regulates these designations. The Florida State Bar offers certifications that allow attorneys to hold themselves out as experts in a particular field. However, it is worth noting that while various certificates are available, the state does not recognize specialized truck accident lawyers. 

That said, many law firms choose to focus their practice on one narrow section of the law. Some personal injury lawyers who could handle various cases spend much of their time building their practice around commercial truck accidents. Asking an attorney about their experience with these truck accidents could be an effective use of time during an initial consultation. 

Why Truck Accident Cases are Different From Other Motor Vehicle Collisions

Accidents involving commercial truck accidents differ from most motor vehicle accidents. These differences can add challenges to the pursuit of compensation in these cases that are not an issue in other injury cases. 

The primary difference involves federal rules and regulations that apply to commercial truck drivers. Besides the same rules of the road that all motorists must follow, commercial truck operators must also adhere to federal regulations specific to the trucking industry. These regulations include limits on the number of hours a driver may operate without a break or how heavy a load that a vehicle can carry. These regulations could come into play in a truck accident case since violating them could signal negligence. 

These unique challenges set truck accidents apart from many other types of personal injury cases. To maximize your financial recovery following a truck accident, you might benefit from consulting an attorney with previous experience handling these types of cases. An understanding of federal regulations could go a long way toward getting the most out of your personal injury case. 

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What to Look for in a Truck Accident Attorney

Finding the right attorney to handle a truck accident entails more than just selecting someone based on their website or television ad. You could use these traits to help you identify the right attorney to handle your truck accident injury case. 

Years of Practice

The amount of time an attorney has practiced law is something to consider when choosing an attorney. A lengthy career could provide an attorney with helpful experience in and out of the courtroom. 

Area of Focus

The amount of time a lawyer has practiced is important, but it is not the only factor to consider. For example, you could benefit from the guidance of an attorney with substantial experience pursuing truck accident injury claims. While having 20+ years of legal experience is valuable, an attorney who spent that time working on tax issues might not be the ideal choice for a truck accident case. 


Your truck accident case is important, and you deserve legal counsel that is responsive to your needs. You might want to learn about an attorney’s policy for communicating with a client during your initial consultation. Many lawyers offer clients a direct line to ensure their questions get answers right away. 

Level of Comfort

It is common for a person pursuing an injury case following a truck accident to spend substantial time with their attorney. Because of this proximity, it is good to find an attorney with whom you are comfortable. Not all personalities mesh—identifying if you are a good fit with an attorney is best addressed early in the process. 

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Contact an Attorney About Your Truck Accident Injury Case

Identifying the type of lawyer to handle your truck accident case could take some effort on your part. Many attorneys hold themselves out as truck accident lawyers, but only a careful inspection of their background and track record will show if they are the right attorney for your case. 

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