What Happens When a Lawyer Is Suspended? When a lawyer is suspended, this can temporarily or permanently affect their ability to practice law.

A lawyer who is suspended in Florida will have 30 days from the date of the suspension to conclude any pending business and close their office for the period of suspension. The maximum term of suspension for any lawyer will not exceed three years. This temporary inability to practice law is only a small part of what happens when a lawyer is suspended. According to the Florida Bar, additional factors of suspension include:

  • A suspended lawyer remains part of the bar association throughout their suspension.
  • A suspension of 90 days or fewer is automatically lifted at the end of the 90th day.
  • A suspension of more than 90 days requires proof of rehabilitation, might require retaking all or part of the Florida bar exam, and official court reinstatement.

A suspension is a form of professional discipline against a lawyer who has violated their professional oath.

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You Must Inform Others of Your Suspension

In addition to the restrictions listed above, if you are suspended, you must also inform specific people of your suspension and provide them with a copy of your order of suspension. Per The Florida Bar, the people you must inform include:

  • All clients with open cases
  • Lawyers representing the other party in any cases involving your clients with open cases
  • Courts and other legal entities where you were scheduled to appear
  • Other local and federal bar associations of which you are a member

You must give bar counsel a list of names that received notification of your suspension within 30 days.

If you have found yourself in this situation, a professional regulation lawyer may be able to help you navigate the difficult process of suspension.

You Can Fight To Have Your Suspension Modified

If you have been suspended from practicing law and believe your suspension is unwarranted or excessively long, you can take steps to have your suspension terminated or modified by requesting a hearing.

During your hearing, a referee will listen to your argument to end or modify your suspension. Within seven days of your hearing, the referee will make its recommendation to Florida’s Supreme Court. The referee’s recommendation is based on the strength of the bar counsel’s case against you and of any bar violations you face. The Supreme Court will review your case and the referee’s recommendation before informing you of their final decision.

When you are facing professional suspension, a lawyer may help you fight the charges against you. They may build a strong case for early termination or modification of your license, understand the type of work you can and cannot perform during your suspension, and ultimately fight to preserve your professional reputation.

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