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At the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine, we handle nursing home abuse cases. We can help you receive compensation if your loved one was abused at a nursing home in Lee County, FL. We have the resources and the legal staff needed to help you or a family member with your personal injury claim.

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When a Nursing Home Is Responsible for Neglect or Abuse

You may have grounds for filing a lawsuit against a nursing home for the following reasons:


The nursing home may not have hired enough staff to provide adequate care. As a result, your loved one’s needs may not have been met. This is a case of neglect that our law firm can help you address legally.

Physical Abuse

A nurse or other staff member pushed, hit, or inflicted pain upon your loved one. Or, they have unreasonably restrained your loved one. If so, you can file a claim for physical abuse.

Inadequate Training

The nursing home may have hired workers without adequately vetting them for proper credentials. Therefore, the nursing home may be accountable for any abuse or neglect that has affected your health or well-being.

Mistakes Administering Medication

Nursing homes should keep careful records of appropriate medications and dosages to administer. If your loved one was injured because someone gave them the wrong medication, then the nurse, facility, or even the pharmacy may be liable for your loved one’s injury.

In addition, residents who are the victim of emotional abuse, sexual abuse, or financial mismanagement may qualify to file a claim against the nursing facility.

In each of these cases, a nursing home abuse lawyer in Lee County, FL can determine what happened and who is liable for your damages. Damages may include noneconomic damages such as pain and suffering. The Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine is here to help you see that justice is served and that your loved one receives fair compensation for their injuries and other damages.

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Warning Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

When we take on your family’s case, one of the first things we do is look for evidence of abuse or neglect. There are several warning signs that we can investigate, such as:

  • Bruises, bleeding, or other wounds
  • Resident exhibiting depression or emotional withdrawal
  • Signs of malnutrition or dehydration
  • Resident crying out for help
  • Sudden changes in finances or unpaid bills
  • Unexplained changes in the resident’s will or power of attorney
  • Unexplained alterations in medication dosage or schedule

Consult a nursing home abuse lawyer in Lee County, FL. Our law firm can look into your case and discuss your legal options. 

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How Our Attorneys Can Help You with Your Case

If you suspect abuse, report it to Florida’s Department of Elder Affairs or the local authorities. We can help you obtain evidence and gather all necessary documents to protect your rights.

Evidence that we may obtain includes:

  • Eyewitness testimony from family members, staff, or other residents
  • Nursing documents related to the case
  • Employee records including any previous disciplinary action
  • Medical records including prescriptions
  • Video footage
  • Photos of your bruises, cuts, or other wounds

We can use this evidence to establish who is liable for your abuse and fight for fair case value.

In addition, we can also engage with all parties connected to your case, work out a settlement with the nursing home or insurance company, and manage all aspects of your case on your loved one’s behalf.

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As your lawyers, we will not hesitate to see that you receive the proper compensation for your damages. We understand that nothing can ever make up for the abuse or neglect your loved one suffered. We will work hard to seek justice for your loved one and family.

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