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Proving Fault for a Bicycle Accident

Bicyclists share the roads with drivers in Florida, but some special rules apply, such as riding in bicycle lanes and riding close to the right curb. If you suffer an injury while riding a bicycle, a bicycle accident lawyer in Lauderhill, FL will examine the facts of your case to see where the fault for the accident lies.

Proving a Driver Was Responsible for a Bicycle Accident

The bicycle accident lawyers in Lauderhill, FL at the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine represent bicyclists who suffered injuries in a car accident. Common cases we see include:

  • A driver backing out of a driveway and failing to see the bicycle.
  • A driver changing lanes and striking the bicycle.
  • A driver traveling through an intersection without seeing an approaching bicycle.
  • A driver turning their vehicle to enter a road, a business, or a residence and failing to see the approaching bicycle.
  • A driver parking their car and hitting a bicyclist as they open the door.

A driver may be at fault if they violated a traffic rule. For example, if the driver ran a red light, exceeded the speed limit, or failed to activate a turn signal. Distracted driving often causes bicycle accidents in the following ways:

  • The driver is texting or reading a text message.
  • The driver is eating or drinking something.
  • The driver is talking to passengers or correcting children in the vehicle.
  • The driver is adjusting the radio or a GPS.
  • The driver is looking at something out the window or daydreaming.

Our lawyers will gather evidence to prove the cause of your bicycle accident. This might involve:

  • Visiting the scene of the accident and taking a video and photos of the area.
  • Interviewing witnesses who saw the crash.
  • Obtaining records to show a driver was on the phone or texting.
  • Hiring an expert, such as an accident reconstructionist, to recreate the accident.

If you suffered an injury in a bicycle accident, you may get compensation for your injuries. Contact a Lauderhill bicycle accident lawyer at the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine. Our lawyers will investigate your case and work toward getting you compensation for your injuries.

A Road Hazard as the Cause of a Bicycle Case

Road hazards can cause a bicycle accident. You may be able to sue the State of Florida or its political subdivisions (cities and counties). For example, a city can be liable for a pothole it knows about but fails to repair.

Special rules apply when you sue a governmental entity, including a limit on the amount of damages you can recover. Contact our lawyers at the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine to guide you through the process.

Act Quickly or Risk Recovering Nothing

In Florida, you must file your lawsuit within four years of the accident. Contact us soon after the accident. Our injury lawyers can begin investigating your case, compiling evidence, and working toward a settlement that will compensate you for your injuries.

Did you suffer injuries in a bicycle accident? Contact a bicycle accident lawyer in Lauderhill at the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine for assistance.

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Compensation for Your Injuries in a Bicycle Accident

Injuries in bicycle accidents can be serious because you lack the protection of a vehicle. Our lawyers represent clients with major injuries:

  • Head injuries, including traumatic brain injuries
  • Internal injuries, including damage to your heart, lungs, and other major organs
  • Broken bones, such as fractured legs, arms, and wrists

What compensation can you get for your injuries in a bicycle accident?

  • You can recover your medical expenses, including the cost of rehabilitation or long-term care.
  • If you missed work, you can recover your lost wages.
  • If you cannot return to your job, you can recover your lost earning capacity (the difference in what you could earn before the injury and what you can earn after the injury).
  • You can get compensation for your pain and suffering, which could be significant if your injury is serious.
  • You can get compensation for your mental anguish.
  • Your spouse or child can recover for the loss of your companionship.

In Florida, drivers must carry $10,000 in personal injury protection (PIP) insurance. PIP covers a portion of your medical bills and lost wages. PIP does not cover compensation for pain and suffering or property damage. If your injuries are permanent and serious, you can get compensation from the party at fault or its insurance carrier.

What will our attorneys do to prove your damages?

  • Gather your medical bills and records to support the extent of your injury.
  • Interview witnesses to establish how the accident affected your ability to work and enjoy life as before the accident.
  • Consult with or hire medical experts to review your records or to examine you.
  • Hire an expert to assist in placing a value on your lost earning capacity.

Armed with this information, our lawyers will work with the insurance company or the attorneys on the other side to obtain a settlement that compensates you fairly for your injuries. If negotiations do not produce a reasonable settlement, our attorneys will take the matter to court.

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