Clearwater Storm Loss Property Claim Lawyer If you have suffered property damage to a storm, you could recover compensation through an insurance claim.

Storms are a reality in Pinellas County. When a serious storm hits, you should be able to rely on your homeowner’s insurance policy to ensure that the damage is repaired at little to no cost to you. Unfortunately, insurance companies can be quick to delay or deny claims after a storm.

If you are concerned about recovering fair compensation following a major storm, you could benefit from discussing your options with the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine. A Clearwater storm loss property claim lawyer from our firm could help you secure the policy benefits you are entitled to.

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How an Attorney Could Help with Your Clearwater Property Claim

In the aftermath of a storm, there are numerous ways the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine could aid you. While your first instinct might be to contact your insurance company, it is important to remember that they are not on your side.

Insurance companies exist to make a profit, and sometimes that requires them to shortchange their customers. It is not uncommon to find your insurance company is dragging their feet or actively working against you instead of getting you the financial help that you need.

Our firm understands the frustration that can come with dealing with a hostile insurance company. We are ready to take the steps necessary to get you the benefits you deserve while protecting your legal rights along the way.

Investigating Your Losses

Our first step in the claims process is to investigate your losses. A vital part of any storm damage claim is carefully recording every aspect of your property losses. Leaving out even minor damages could result in you missing out on compensation you deserve.

We can not only investigate the damage but also meet with the insurance adjuster on your behalf. A thorough investigation could put you on the path toward fair compensation.

Advising You of Your Options

You should never feel like you are in the dark during an insurance claim. One of the most important roles we can serve is keeping you informed and updated about your claim. Prior to filing a claim with your insurance company, we could advise you on what to expect and what damages you might be entitled to recover.

During the course of the claim, we could provide you with your legal options and advise you on whether a lawsuit might be necessary.

Advocating on Your Behalf

The process of recovering benefits through a homeowner’s policy should not be difficult. After all, you pay your premiums each month and hold up your end of the bargain under the policy. Unfortunately, insurance companies will not always keep their end of the deal.

When the insurance company drags their feet or makes the process difficult, we can advocate on your behalf. Our firm understands how these claims work and we are prepared to pursue yours until it is completed.

Pursuing Your Legal Options

Frequently, our attorneys are able to resolve a homeowner’s claim without the need for litigation. If the insurance company continues to refuse your claim, we are prepared to pursue a lawsuit on your behalf. You could rest easy knowing that we are taking care of the details of your case while holding the insurance company accountable.

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Compensation You Could Recover for Your Property Damage

There are numerous variables that make up a property damage claim following a major storm. Storms can wreak havoc in many different ways, causing damage to the roof, exterior, or even interior of your home. Some of the common losses available for coverage under a homeowner’s policy include:

  • Mold removal
  • Roof replacement or repair
  • Broken window replacement
  • Garage door repairs
  • Boarding up and securing the home prior to repairs
  • Addressing moisture damage
  • Replacing damaged possessions
  • Repairing structural damage
  • Removing debris

It is vital that you document all of the damage resulting from the storm. You only have one opportunity to file a claim with your insurance company, and any damage that you leave off will not be covered by them in the future.

That makes it critical for you to ensure that you have requested compensation for all of the damage caused by the storm. Our team of attorneys serving the Gulf Coast could help ensure that you pursue all of the benefits you deserve.

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Understanding Storm Loss Property Claims

There are numerous types of weather phenomena that can cause significant damage to your home or property. In many cases, severe storms are a combination of two or more of these phenomena. This can make it difficult to prepare for the severity of damage that comes with a major storm. Some examples of harsh weather effects that are common with storm damage claims include:

  • A hurricane is a storm with winds greater than 74 miles per hour.
  • Tropical storm. According to the National Weather Service, a tropical storm is slightly less powerful than a hurricane.
  • Tropical depression. With winds of 38 miles per hour or less, tropical depressions are just below tropical storms.
  • Even outside of a named storm, wind can cause significant property damage.
  • A lightning strike can lead to significant damage as well as cause fires.
  • Hail can come suddenly, damaging property and destroying the roof of your home.

These are only a few of the weather factors that can lead to serious property damage. If your property is damaged or destroyed by extreme weather, your homeowner’s insurance policy could be your best option for repairing it.

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The damage to your property following a major storm could be more than an inconvenience. In many cases, your home could be so damaged that it is impossible to live in. Repairing these damages can be time-consuming and costly.

While your homeowner’s insurance policy should cover the expenses related to storm damage, these carriers do not always make it easy to secure compensation through a claim. The Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine is here to help you during this challenging time. Call 1-800-747-3733 for a free consultation or contact us online.