What Happens When You Slip and Fall at a Store? If you slip-and-fall at a store, a store incident report is filed which can be valuable evidence for your personal injury claim.

When you slip and fall at a store, a store management employee will most likely complete a store incident report. It is unlikely that a police officer will respond to a slip and fall accident, making the store incident report key evidence for your personal injury case.

If you experienced serious injuries due to a slip and fall accident that was at no fault of your own, a slip and fall accident lawyer can help you fight for justice.

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How to Help Your Slip and Fall Case

After a slip and fall in a public setting, you might have an instinctual urge to admit fault or claim you are fine. A fall is not only painful—it is also embarrassing. While most falls do not cause injuries and can be brushed off, this is not true for all slips and falls. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about one in five falls lead to a serious injury.

Never admit fault after a slip and fall, and always seek medical attention. The following steps are also important for protecting your personal injury case:

  • Remain calm
  • Take pictures of what caused you to fall
  • Collect witnesses’ contact information

If you are unable to take pictures or collect information, ask a witness to assist you. Limit what you say to store management and employees. They may use what you say against you later to deny your claim.

The Florida Statutes § 768.0755 addresses liability, property owner negligence, and your right to pursue compensation for damages. If you slipped and fell in a business establishment, and the accident could have been prevented, you might be eligible to seek compensation.

Recover Your Damages After a Slip and Fall Injury

When you accept an invitation to visit a store, you assume the property is safe and that you are free from harm. Examples of property owner negligence that can result in a slip and fall injury include:

  • Wet floors, due to spills, cleaning, or known roof leakage
  • Cords across floors
  • Torn or frayed carpet

These are not the only examples of negligence that might have contributed to or caused your slip and fall accident.

To pursue compensation, a personal injury lawyer must prove:

  • The defendant owed you a duty of care
  • The defendant was negligent through their actions or by failing to act in a way that protected you from harm
  • The defendant’s negligence caused your injuries
  • You sustained damages due to the defendant’s negligence

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When you slip and fall at a store, a management employee may file a store incident report. This document is a valuable piece of evidence for your case.

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