Brandon Uber Accident Lawyer If you or a loved one were injured in an Uber accident in Brandon, Florida, you have rights.

If you live or were injured in the city of Brandon, an Uber accident lawyer from our office wants to help. We understand the ins and outs of filing a lawsuit against a rideshare company and/or its drivers.

With our assistance, you can fight for the compensation you need without having to take time away from your personal life or recovery. We pride ourselves on doing everything possible to ensure our clients feel safe and empowered throughout the entire legal process.

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Uber Accidents Can Be Costly

According to Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), traffic accidents are all too common in Hillsborough County, which includes Brandon. In 2021 alone:

  • There were over 28,000 traffic accidents
  • Over 18,600 people were injured in traffic accidents
  • 271 people were killed in traffic accidents

Thanks to Uber and other rideshare services, there are more cars on the road at any given time, especially in urban areas. This increases the risk of being involved in a traffic accident, which in turn increases your risk of suffering damages like the following.

Medical Expenses

Very serious injuries could put you in the hospital for days or even weeks. They may require considerable rehabilitation and follow-up care. Even less urgent injuries may require medication and other forms of treatment.

You can sue for reimbursement for any treatment you received from a doctor, specialist, surgeon, dentist, psychiatrist, or other healthcare professional.

Loss of Income or Employment

Depending on your job, you may have been unable to work at all, or you may have had to reduce your hours or accept light duty until you recovered. If your injuries are permanent, you may be facing early retirement or the prospect of switching over to a less strenuous, lower-paying job.

We can determine how much money you have already lost, as well as how much you will lose over the course of your career.

Physical and Emotional Damages

After an accident, victims suffer from more than just a loss of money. The injuries they sustain could affect them for weeks, months, or even a lifetime by:

  • Inflicting physical pain
  • Causing emotional trauma, up to and including mental illness
  • Preventing you from participating in hobbies or activities that increase your quality of life
  • Preventing you from performing everyday duties, like dressing yourself or your children
  • Causing permanent scars or disfiguring marks
  • Causing disabilities that affect your ability to move, think, or function
  • Impacting your relationships with loved ones

Obviously, no amount of compensation can undo your injuries or enable you to live life the way you once did. However, it is still possible to assign a dollar value to your injuries and try to compel the liable party to reimburse you for your losses.

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How a Brandon Uber Accident Lawyer Can Help

It is understandable if you only want to think about recovering from your wounds and spending time with family after an accident. This is why the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine works hard on behalf of our clients: we do not want them to worry about anything to do with their lawsuits while we are on the job.

As your representative, we would:

  • Always put your needs first, including keeping you updated and giving you your lawyer’s phone number
  • Investigate your case thoroughly, including collecting evidence from multiple sources and even visiting the accident scene, if necessary
  • Take care of all paperwork and make sure it is sent on time to the right parties
  • Field all communications from the liable party and their insurance company so you do not have to speak with them directly
  • Negotiate vigorously for a fair pretrial settlement or argue your case in the courtroom—whichever is necessary to fight for your compensation
  • Help you to get your car fixed, make appointments, and more

We are always willing to go the extra mile to make post-accident life more bearable for our clients. In the words of Sonia G., one of our former clients, “This is a very professional, courteous and caring group which work hard for their clients. I am very happy with how they handled my car accident case and with the results.”

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Who Pays Your Uber Accident Compensation

The liable party’s insurance company is responsible for paying pretrial settlements and jury awards if their client causes an accident. In order to get that compensation, you must first determine who is legally liable for your accident. This is where our services can really come in handy.

Uber accident cases can have one liable party or several, including:

  • The Uber driver
  • Uber
  • Another driver
  • The local government (if the roadway itself was dangerous or poorly maintained)
  • A faulty auto part manufacturer
  • A negligent mechanic, maintenance team, or safety inspector

In addition, your injuries could have one or more causes. For instance:

  • The Uber driver was not paying attention to the road. This was the sole cause of the accident. They did not have a passenger at the time, so you would sue only the Uber driver.
  • The Uber driver was not paying attention to the road, and they did have a passenger at the time of the accident. You could therefore sue both the driver and Uber.
  • The Uber driver was not paying attention and they had a passenger. Furthermore, your airbag failed to deploy on impact, worsening your injuries. You could therefore sue the driver, Uber, and the airbag manufacturer.

Determining who is legally responsible for an Uber accident can be tricky. Instead of trying to investigate on your own while recovering from your accident injuries, you can allow the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine to remove that burden from your shoulders.

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