When Should You Get a Lawyer For an Orlando Truck Accident? You should hire a lawyer as soon as possible after an Orlando truck accident to help defend your rights.

You may want to get a lawyer for an Orlando truck accident as soon as possible because:

  • The statements that you make and actions that you take in the immediate period after a truck accident could have an impact on your ability to collect compensation at a later date
  • There may be one or more individuals or entities who may act unethically towards you, and they may be present shortly after your accident
  • Certain post-accident concerns may be time-sensitive, and a lawyer may inform you of any deadlines that could impact your ability to seek compensation

It is your choice as to when to hire a lawyer, or if you would like to hire a lawyer at all. You should act swiftly once you choose to contact a legal team about the ways that they may assist you, as the time where you are unrepresented could be a period where you are vulnerable to missteps or exploitation.

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Insurance Companies May Try to Pull a Fast One

The auto insurance industry is an incredibly profitable sector, per Yahoo! Finance, as the industry as a whole raked in $285 billion in revenue in 2019. Those in the industry may try to convince you to accept a settlement quickly, but this may not be the amount of compensation that you should be entitled to based on the facts of your accident.

Some of the approaches that you may take to protect your rights from insurance companies and others in the wake of your accident may include:

  • Hesitating to make any official statements before you have had the opportunity to organize your thoughts
  • Speaking with a lawyer before making any official statements, as those statements could be held against you at a later date⁠—and may affect your ability to pursue compensation as you see fit
  • Refusing to accept any insurance compensation offer until you have spoken with a lawyer
  • Obtaining the contact information and insurance policy information from anybody involved in your accident before you leave the scene of the collision

Insurance-related matters may require a sense of timeliness, and may be the reason for you to get a lawyer for an Orlando truck accident shortly after said accident occurs.

A Lawyer May Guide Your Post-Accident Path

In the wake of an accident, a personal injury lawyer may:

  • Serve as your representative in communications with insurance companies
  • Caution you of possible violations of your rights
  • Calculate the compensation to which you may be entitled, which could be based on to-date losses and projected losses
  • Advise you on the quality of any insurance settlement offers
  • Help you initiate any legal action you determine to be necessary

You may not want to wait to speak with a lawyer or their team, as Florida Statutes §95.11 generally states that there may be time limitations for pursuing a wrongful death or personal injury lawsuit.

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