What Is the Paragard IUD Lawsuit? Women who have suffered injury, infection, or other adverse health events due to the Paragard can bring a lawsuit against the company.

Paragard is a type of intrauterine contraceptive device that has resulted in serious injury, infection, and other negative health consequences in many women who have had the device implanted in their uterus.

Many of those women have brought lawsuits against various parties who may have contributed to harm related to the Paragard IUD, and you may be eligible to bring a lawsuit if you also suffered such negative health outcomes.

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Paragard Is an Implanted Contraceptive Device

Paragard is a form of intrauterine contraceptive device, commonly referred to as an intrauterine device or IUD. According to Case Western Reverse University, IUDs date back to the early 20th century, and many see them as a preferable alternative to other forms of birth control because:

  • They are semi-permanent, in that they can be effective for as long as ten years in some cases (according to the Paragard website).
  • They travel with you, as they are implanted in the uterus, and do not require thought or action before engaging in intercourse.
  • When they work, they can be highly effective in preventing unwanted pregnancy.

Some are drawn to the Paragard IUD in particular because, unlike several other intrauterine contraceptive devices, the Paragard IUD does not rely on hormones to ward off pregnancy. The Paragard IUD instead has copper wire wrapped around the arms of the T-shaped plastic device, with the copper serving as the sperm repellant.

These potential benefits of the Paragard also come with significant risks. Many seeking a semi-permanent form of birth control, perhaps including yourself, would not have had a Paragard IUD device implanted in their uterus had they been fully aware of the possible health risks that come with the device.

The Health Risks of the Paragard IUD Are Sparking Lawsuits

You may have grounds for a Paragard IUD lawsuit even if you were warned about some of the possible risks associated with having a Paragard IUD implanted in your uterus. There remains some ambiguity between what the manufacturer of Paragard, CooperSurgical, acknowledges as risks and what the entire slate of risks truly includes.

Starting with the risks that CooperSurgical does acknowledge on the Paragard website, they include:

  • The development of anemia, a blood cell-related disorder that generally weakens your immune system and may increase your risk of developing serious illness
  • The development of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), a disease that can cause a slew of secondary health problems that may become chronic, according to Mayo Clinic
  • Perforation in your uterine walls that may lead to damage in other organs, and possibly permanent problems with your ability to conceive children
  • Infections and discharge from the vagina

CooperSurgical lists other symptoms, including the possibility that the device may be expelled without warning, with the expulsion possibly opening you up to unwanted pregnancy.

One admission that CooperSurgical has stopped short of making is that the Paragard IUD is inherently dangerous—specifically, that it is prone to breaking in a way that could expose you to further health risk.

A Broken Paragard IUD Can Be Very Dangerous

The relative safety of a medical device depends, in part, on documented cases of what could happen in a worst-case scenario involving the device. In the case of the Paragard IUD, some awful health outcomes have arisen because the device broke inside of a user’s uterus.

A broken Paragard IUD may expose you to the health problems listed above, namely uterine puncture and subsequent infection. In addition, a broken Paragard IUD may require multiple surgeries to remove all of the fragments of the device, as leaving them in the uterus could cause chronic issues.

You should have been warned about the possibility that the Paragard IUD could result in serious health problems. If you were not, you could be entitled to bring a Paragard IUD lawsuit.

You May Not Have Received Adequate Warning of Paragard-Related Risks

A lawyer will advise you on any forms of negligence that contributed to injuries or illness you have suffered because of a Paragard IUD. It is possible that you were put at risk by a lack of risk disclosure by:

  • The manufacturer of your Paragard IUD
  • One or more doctors who advised you on the Paragard IUD or installed the device
  • Another party

Failure to warn you of the risks associated with the Paragard IUD is just one possible form of negligence that may entitle you to compensation. A lawyer will listen to the details of your case and help you understand how your situation may warrant legal action that could result in compensation for you.

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