What is the Average Settlement for Nerve Damage from Car Accident? While there’s no average settlement for nerve damage suffered in a car accident, we can help you fight for the fairest amount possible.

Unfortunately, there is no way to accurately predict the average settlement for nerve damage from a car accident. There is a lack of public information available regarding these settlements, making it impossible to accurately determine what the average claim might be worth.

While information regarding the average value of these claims might not be available, our attorney could advise you on what your case might be worth. We can evaluate your potential claim or lawsuit and estimate what your settlement might be.

Why Average Settlement Amounts are not Publicly Available

There are a few reasons why it is challenging to pinpoint the average value of any personal injury claim. The primary reason is a lack of public information. There is no central clearinghouse that collects this data and provides it to the public.

In fact, most nerve damage settlements are not available to the public at all. This is true with most personal injury cases. Most of the time, the defendants in these cases will require confidentiality as a condition of the settlement. This is due to the fear that public information regarding settlement amounts could prompt the public to bring additional claims against the defendant.

The confidentiality that is attached to most injury settlements makes it difficult to ascertain the average settlement amount for most claims. The good news is that individuals suffering from nerve damage do not have to go into a personal injury lawsuit blind. While information regarding average settlements might not be available, our attorney can advise you on what your case could be worth.

The Cost of Treating Nerve Damage

While many factors can go into determining the value of a nerve damage case, the severity of the condition and the cost of any resulting medical care is often the primary factor.

According to the medical journal PLoS One, the prescribed treatments for treating nerve damage could cost thousands of dollars each year. What’s more, nerve damage is often permanent and irreversible. This means these costs could continue to grow each year for the rest of a patient’s life.

The cost of treating nerve damage will depend on the extent of that damage. For example, severed nerves rarely heal, while other damage to a nerve could regenerate over time. This can have an inverse effect on medical costs, however.

Inoperable and permanent nerve damage might result in very little medical intervention, while less severe damage could necessitate a lifetime of treatment. These treatments could include:

  • Surgery. Surgery is frequently used to address nerve damage. These operations could target the removal of damaged nerves or clear up scar tissue that is impinging the nerve.
  • Medical equipment. Various kinds of medical equipment could be useful for those treating nerve damage. Some examples include braces or electrical stimulators.
  • Physical therapy. Physical therapy is another important option during all stages of treatment for nerve damage.

Other Factors that Impact a Nerve Damage Settlement

Other important factors will determine the value of your nerve damage claim outside of the severity of your injuries and the amount of your medical bills. These factors include:

  • Lost wages. The time you miss from work due to your injury will play a major role in a potential settlement. This is because you are entitled to replace the wages you lost through a personal injury claim or lawsuit.
  • Insurance coverage. Whether or not the at-fault party was covered by liability insurance is also important. If insurance is available, the chances are better that you could recoup a larger settlement amount.
  • Liability. You could expect a larger settlement offer if the other party agrees that it was at fault for your injuries. If liability is disputed, you might not get a settlement offer.
  • Disability. If you cannot work in the future, you could be entitled to disability benefits. You might also obtain a larger settlement if you need in-home care or other forms of assistance due to your nerve damage.

Our Attorney can Evaluate Your Nerve Damage Case

Nerve damage can be a lifelong, debilitating condition. While living with these injuries is never easy, legal action against a negligent driver could provide the financial resources you need to address those needs.

If successful, your claim could provide for your lost wages, pay for your medical bills, and cover your future needs related to your condition.

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