What to Do After a Hurricane in Louisiana After a hurricane in Louisiana, you could do several things to protect your family and future.

After a hurricane in Louisiana, there are several steps you can take to protect your home, family, and future, including:

  • Continuing to monitor the situation
  • Maintaining safe food prep measures
  • Checking your home for damages
  • Pursuing compensation for your hurricane damage

Although the devastation of a hurricane can have a significant impact on your life, with help from a hurricane damage attorney, you can help your family ride out the storm and deal with any fallout from covered losses. 

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Continue Monitoring the Situation

Once the hurricane makes landfall, continue monitoring the situation wherever possible. As long as you have power, you can keep yourself updated by watching local news stations. 

But you could also access information regarding the current status of the hurricane online via apps, social media, and news websites. You must continue to monitor the situation so you can gauge:

  • The track of the storm
  • How much longer it is expected to last
  • How long your provisions will last for your family
  • When you might be able to leave your home and begin inspecting for damages

Maintain Safe Food Preparation Measures

You must take proper food safety precautions during and after a hurricane in Louisiana. Be sure to avoid drinking or preparing food with tap water until you get confirmation that the city’s water supply was not contaminated. 

Boiling water is important before using it to prepare food or to drink until you get word that government officials have determined the water supply is safe.

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Check Your Home for Damages

Once the storm has cleared, check your home for damages. Until you get the word, be sure to stay on firm ground and away from any high water. While indoors, you should avoid using open flames or candles. When you begin inspecting for damage, use a flashlight instead.

Use Caution to Avoid Injury or Further Covered Losses

As you begin your review of your home, you will want to check appliances, gas, water, and your electricity for any visible damages. Assume that downed power lines are charged and dangerous. Avoid them at all costs. You should also avoid driving in areas where roads may be closed due to flooding, debris, or downed electrical lines. 

As you begin to remove hurricane debris, be sure to exercise extreme caution when using power tools, chainsaws, and other equipment. 

Organize Proof of the Damage and Your Records

Be sure to take photos of any damage so you can provide evidence of the hurricane damage to your insurance company. 

You might also want to take videos and get your financial records ready. This might include an inventory of your personal or business items that may need to be replaced following the hurricane’s damage.

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You Can Reach Out to Our Law Firm to Coordinate Louisiana Legal Help

After a hurricane, before you file a claim with your insurance company, you could retain the legal services of a hurricane damage attorney. Insurance companies are known for taking advantage of claimants. Even though this may be one of the most difficult times in your life, the insurance company might reduce or deny you the compensation you need.

Your Lawyer Will Handle Your Insurance Claim

Review the damages with your lawyer instead of filing your hurricane damage claim with the insurance company. You will also go over your homeowners insurance, flood insurance, and other relevant hurricane insurance policies – contact our hurricane insurance lawyer today. They will tell you what items are covered losses and what the insurance company will likely push back on.

The insurance adjuster would have little opportunity to argue your right to compensation after your lawyer prepares your hurricane damage claim to:

  • Ensure all necessary and appropriate evidence is included
  • The claim is filled out accurately and completely

Your Lawyer Can Negotiate for a Fair Settlement on Your Behalf

However, you should plan on having your lawyer handle the negotiations process on your behalf. The insurance company could use any statement you give to reduce or deny you the benefits and compensation you need. By having your hurricane damage attorney step in for you, you can trust that you will not be taken advantage of by profit-driven insurance adjusters.

If the insurance company refuses to settle your claim fairly, we can prepare to bring them to court to hold the insurance company accountable. 

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