Tips for Getting the Best Personal Injury Settlement You can contact a personal injury lawyer today if you're seeking the best personal injury settlement after getting into an accident.

If you have been injured and lost income, personal items, or property due to a negligent accident you didn’t cause, you may be considering filing a personal injury claim. When you’re involved in a car accident, slip-and-fall, or any other personal injury incident, settling your claim can seem complicated and intimidating. Some go it alone because they think there’s no other way to get their maximum settlement. Alternatively, you may be trying to do it yourself to save on legal fees.

While getting a settlement that can be challenging, you can take steps to help you recover the compensation you need. If you don’t take specific actions during this process, you may be severely limiting what you could receive. Below are some tips for getting the best personal injury settlement in your case. Of course, you can always hire an attorney to advise you on what to do next.

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Seek Medical Care Immediately

Get proper medical treatment promptly after an accident to make sure you are OK and to confirm the injuries you have. Not all injuries show up right away. Some can take days or weeks to show. Besides, it’s impossible to know how much your injuries will cost in the long term without seeing a doctor or other medical professionals. Healthcare costs can be astronomical, and they’re one of the most significant considerations in an injury settlement. For these reasons and more, you should get checked out right away.

Also, keep records of all medical bills, and get copies of all lab tests and X-rays you’ve taken. These will show how much money you’ve spent on medical expenses so far, and they may help establish the extent of your injuries.

Collect All the Relevant Details

Ask your doctor and other health professionals as many questions as possible to know what type of recovery period you might be facing. Even if your injuries aren’t severe, they could cost you in terms of lost time at work, which could affect your income. A personal injury attorney can help you compile all the essential details you will need for filing a claim. They will know what you need to make your case. 

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Photograph Everything

Take pictures immediately after the incident. Take photos of your physical injuries, your vehicle, and anything else that was damaged. If there are witnesses around, ask them if they can provide pictures that show your vehicle’s damage or how badly hurt you were. These will be helpful during negotiations with insurance representatives and can even help police document the incident if it’s under investigation.

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Don’t Go for Lowball Offers

Insurance companies make a lot of money by paying out less than they should for claims. Sometimes, they hold out, hoping claimants will either accept a lowball offer or give up on getting an offer at all. You don’t have to settle for the first offer an insurance company proposes; it may be lower than the compensation you deserve. An attorney can assess your damages and help you negotiate for a settlement that meets your needs. 

Have a Settlement Amount in Mind

There’s no simple way to determine how much your case is worth. It depends on several factors, including the severity of your injuries and how they could affect your life going forward. The duration of your recovery and the kind of insurance coverage you have can also factor into your monetary award. For example, if you’re filing a lawsuit against someone’s insurance company, it may take them weeks or months to decide how much they’re willing to pay out. 

In those cases, having an idea of what you need can help you plan while they’re deliberating. You don’t have to demand that amount right away, but if it helps things move along, you can let your attorney know you are willing to settle with the insurance company for a specific amount.

Stay Firm When Negotiating with an Insurance Company

Don’t take no for an answer when negotiating a personal injury settlement. This is especially true if you’ve suffered severe injuries that you might not recover from. Don’t let the insurance company tell you that your case is worth less than the other cases they’ve settled. If they think they can save money, they’ll try to get you to accept less money than you deserve.

Hiring an attorney familiar with negotiating with insurance companies can help you receive the counsel you need for your situation. It can help to have someone at the table who can communicate your needs to an insurer and look out for your interests.

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With so many variables at play with accident cases, you’ll want an attorney to protect your rights and assess your legal options. Having legal representation can help you handle a personal injury claim properly.

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