Will My Insurance Company Use Video Surveillance After a Car Accident? Your insurance company may use video surveillance against you after your car accident.

Your insurance company may use video surveillance after a car accident. In fact, they could use video footage in order to pay you less compensation or avoid paying your claim altogether. Under some circumstances, your insurance company could use video footage on your behalf.

A lawyer can help protect you from an insurance company’s attempt to use video footage against you.

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Video Footage May Be Used Against You

An insurance company may use video footage to argue that you were completely or partially at fault for your accident.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) notes that drivers are generally at fault for accidents. Unfortunately, your insurance coverage may be affected if it is determined that you are at fault for your car accident.

However, video footage is not always legally allowed. Video footage may not be used if:

  • The footage was obtained through means that the court does not accept
  • The footage is blurry or grainy
  • The footage is not conclusive

Your insurance company may not use video surveillance after a car accident if the video footage does not meet certain legal standards. However, your lawyer may need to argue that the video footage your insurance company intends to use does not meet the necessary criteria.

Arguing against video footage is one of the many ways that a lawyer may assist you after your car accident.

A Lawyer Will Direct Your Insurance Claim or Lawsuit

You may hire a lawyer to defend your rights and handle your car accident case. After your collision, your lawyer may:

  • Speak with your insurance company
  • Determine whether the insurance company will accept or challenge your claim
  • Determine what evidence the insurance company has
  • Argue in your favor and negotiate for a fair insurance payout

Depending on the outcome of the insurance process, your lawyer may advise you to seek compensation through a lawsuit. Your lawyer’s goal will be to obtain a compensation settlement, which the American Bar Association (ABA) explains is the typical outcome for civil lawsuits.

As they lead your lawsuit, your lawyer may:

  • Gather documentation of your injuries
  • Gather evidence that documents the cause and effects of your car accidents
  • Gather original and pre-recorded witness accounts
  • Calculate the cost of your losses

Eventually, your lawyer may negotiate with representatives for those who caused your losses. You may be able to recover compensation for your losses without ever having to go to court.

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