How Anidjar & Levine Got Into the Ad World A Florida personal injury law firm is moving its advertising in-house.

The Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine believes that if a business doesn’t innovate, it’ll die. That’s why the Florida law firm is reimagining how they advertise. They aren’t relocating to Madison Avenue to create Coca-Cola ad campaigns – they’re still very much a personal injury law firm serving the injured people of the Sunshine State. 

Instead, the firm is leveraging its resources and bringing its marketing in-house, enabling a marketing and advertising effort that keeps pace with its expansion into several new legal practices. 

“Business is about survival. If you are not growing and expanding, you’re dying,” Anidjar said. “There is always someone behind you who would love to challenge the growth you have achieved or attempt to mimic your playbook. The fundamental difference between those who succeed and those who fail is drive.”

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A Strategy Designed for Speed and Cashflow 

For the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine Partner Marc Anidjar, the move makes perfect sense, considering the importance of marketing and advertising in the hyper-competitive legal industry. An in-house marketing team enables the firm to be nimbler and make quicker, more effective decisions, Anidjar explained. 

Bringing the firm’s advertising in-house also lets them work directly with media market managers. The firm’s two largest expenses have always been payroll and advertising, and Anidjar always knew it was a “no brainer” to pay more attention to these areas. But he also knew the timing had to be right.

“This only becomes viable as your team grows and you are able to delegate certain tasks to them,” Anidjar said. “That’s when you know you’re ready to focus on cashflow.”

Cutting Out the Middle Man

For the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine, this focus on cash flow and advertising led the firm to one clear solution—saying farewell to the marketing middleman.
“We found that removing the middleman allowed us to create relationships directly with advertisers and opens the doors to negotiate better deals,” Anidjar said. “Advertising always has a cost…That fee becomes more onerous as the size of your advertising campaign grows.”  

Of course, the economic gains will come at a cost, and Anidjar said the firm is prepared for the trade-off of having to manage their accounts. 

Making Room for New Areas While Respecting Old Principles

The strategy deepens when paired with the law firm’s current circumstances, marked by aggressive expansion into multiple areas of law. The firm began to look at each area of law as an independent revenue stream and, in doing so, discovered new marketing strategies that would enable them to capitalize on reach cost-effectively.

“We realized that we could advertise multiple areas of law while still creating brand awareness,” Anidjar explained.

The Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine’s move to in-source its advertising keeps in step with its preference for in-house vs. outsourced operations. Anidjar is a firm believer in the growth potential that stems from controlling and being aware of all aspects of its business.

“The lessons we have learned from our successes and mistakes have made us better business operators,” Anidjar said. “From every challenge, we gain experience and knowledge we can use in future applications.”

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Honoring the Art of Negotiation

The firm will be applying lessons from its law practice to succeed in its advertising efforts. As it turns out, the two fields share some commonalities, starting with attorney work’s fundamental task: negotiations. Any lawyer, regardless of practice, has clients bringing in their problems or issues and asking for help facilitating a positive outcome. 

This is true for advertising, as well. 

Anidjar understands the importance of negotiation, and he also knows the secret to be an effective negotiator: “The relationship must be a win-win. Both parties must understand that their success is tied to the others. As one party grows, so does the other.”

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Where to Next?

Sharing where this bold effort might take this Florida law firm in the future, Anidjar revealed that the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine plans to advise and consult other firms. The firm is taking cautious steps in this area, currently working on proofs of concept with former classmates who have practices outside of Florida. 

Regarding media buying on behalf of other practices, it would need to be with the right partner.

“While we always want to share success with our partners, we have to be cognizant of the fact that not everyone has your best interest at heart,” Anidjar said. 

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The Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine is a personal injury law firm that serves injured people throughout Florida. Their legal team’s relentless pursuit of the possible works to build compelling cases that achieve results for their clients and to build strategic partnerships throughout the legal community. 

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