Hip Pain After a Car Accident You can seek compensation for hip pain after a car accident.

Hip pain after a car accident may entitle you to compensation. Your covered losses may include medical care, lost income, and emotional anguish. You can hire our firm to handle your case. You may choose to hire a lawyer from our firm so that you can focus on recovery from your hip pain.

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What Should Your Next Steps be?

If you have not already, you should:

  • Seek medical care for your hip pain
  • Obtain documentation for any injuries that are causing your pain
  • Consider seeking legal help

Your focus should be on recovery. Still, there are time considerations related to lawsuits and insurance claims. You should not delay before retaining legal help.

What Compensation does Your Injury Entitle You to?

Hip pain may:

  • Prevent you from working
  • Restrict your physical movement
  • Cause psychological harm
  • Require medical care

These problems create specific damages. Here are the specific losses that you may receive compensation for:

Professional Harm

Your hip pain could prevent you from working. Being unable to work causes:

  • Lost income
  • Lost productivity
  • Loss of opportunities for professional advancement
  • Loss of satisfaction that you receive from your work

These are all losses that you may receive compensation for.

Physical and Psychological Trauma

This typically falls under the category of “non-economic damages.” This designation may cover:

  • Recurring thoughts of your accident
  • Sleep interruptions
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Fear of riding in vehicles
  • Physical pain
  • Psychological trauma

These are non-economic losses. Our firm knows how to calculate the cost of such losses.

Healthcare Costs

Your healthcare costs will depend on the injury that is causing hip pain. Mayo Clinic lists injuries that can cause hip pain. Treatment for those injuries may include:

  • Surgery
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Medication
  • Acupuncture, per Healthline
  • Hydrotherapy

You may also receive bills for x-rays and other medical imaging services. A settlement may also cover:

  • Doctors’ visits
  • Medical equipment
  • Other injury-related medical expenses

Every victim of accident-related hip pain suffers unique losses. We will identify yours and pursue coverage for them. 

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Who Is Liable for Your Hip Pain?

The liable party should pay for your hip pain after a car accident. They may include:

  • The at-fault driver
  • A vehicle manufacturer
  • A vehicle component manufacturer
  • A mechanic
  • A government body
  • A driver’s employer

We evaluate liability for each accident that we handle. We will determine who is financially responsible for your hip pain and other losses. 

How do We Determine Liability?

The presence of negligence generally determines liability. Per the American Bar Association (ABA), negligence includes:

  • Unreasonable actions
  • Both intentional and unintentional actions

A driver may have been negligent. Their negligence – which includes any dangerous maneuver – may have caused your accident. If this is so, the driver may owe you compensation.

Other legal standards may also apply to your case. We will explore all possibilities for proving liability.

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What Can Our Lawyers do For You?

We aim to prove liability. We also handle the other features of your case. This may include:

Collecting of Evidence

Evidence of your accident can be key to your case. We will collect such evidence, including:

  • Video footage of the accident
  • Photographs of the accident scene
  • Witness accounts
  • Police reports

We may hire experts to reconstruct your accident. Such reconstruction may help prove how your accident happened. This may be particularly helpful if there is no video footage of the crash.

Collecting of Documentation

We seek documentation for each of your losses. This can include:

  • Doctors’ records of your injuries
  • Doctors’ opinions about the seriousness of your injuries
  • X-rays and other medical imaging scans 
  • Proof of lost income
  • Family members’ testimony
  • Bills for vehicle repair

We use this documentation during settlement negotiations.

Handling Settlement Negotiations

Settlements are our first option for civil cases. We will pursue a settlement for you because:

  • It is a possible path to fair compensation
  • Settling takes less time than completing a trial

A settlement is a certain outcome for all parties. Neither you nor the defendant run the risk of losing at trial when you settle. 

Defense of Your Rights

Your rights are at risk until your case is completed. We protect you from insurance companies, attorneys, and anyone else who is a risk to you. By handling your case directly, we insulate you from direct contact with these parties.

Our team will aim to resolve your case. 

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We go the extra mile for you. This includes helping you arrange medical care and get your vehicle fixed. We:

  • Respond to all emails and phone calls
  • Provide regular case updates
  • Do everything necessary to complete your case

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