Panama City Property Claim Lawyer A property claim lawyer in Panama City will hold your insurance company accountable for settling your claim and honoring the terms of your policy.

If you sustained damage to your Panama City home, you need your insurance company to step up and honor their obligations under the terms of your policy — just as you do when you pay your premium on time. Unfortunately, insurers may play games with your claim in an attempt to minimize their liability. This becomes even more likely after a hurricane or a similar event causing widespread damage.

A property claim lawyer in Panama City at the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine will review your policy, explain your coverage, and handle the entire claims process on your behalf. We will hold the insurance company accountable and recover the compensation you deserve.  

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We Can Help With Any Type of Property Claim in Panama City

The Panama City property claim lawyers from the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine can assist you with any type of property damage claim, including:

  • Hurricane damage
  • Tropical storm damage
  • Wind damage
  • Fallen trees
  • Lightning and fire damage
  • Ruptured plumbing pipes
  • Broken water lines

To minimize its financial liability and losses, your insurance company may not settle your property damage claim in good faith or provide the coverage to which you are entitled per your policy.

Some of the most common tactics include:

  • Total denial of your claim
  • Partial denial of your claim
  • Refusing to investigate your claim
  • Sending unqualified adjusters to investigate your claim
  • Undervaluing your losses
  • Making misleading or false statements
  • Discouraging you from consulting a Panama City property claim lawyer

Your insurance company may attempt to erode your rights to seek compensation by asking you to give a recorded statement and then using your statement against you, to deny coverage. It may also offer a token settlement in exchange for your signature on a full release of liability or mark a partial settlement check as “paid in full.”

The Panama City property claim attorneys of the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine hold your insurer accountable under the law and the terms of your policy. We fight for you and your right to recover the full value of your damages.

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Filing Your Panama City Property Damage Claim

Once we review your insurance policy and verify your coverage, we will prepare your claim and demand for settlement.

Typically, the information we need to prepare your claim includes:

  • Before and after photos or videos of your property
  • Property repair estimates
  • Itemized list of contents and personal property lost
  • Receipts for board-up, temporary roofing, and related costs
  • Receipts for disaster remediation (water extraction, mold removal)
  • Receipts for displacement expenses (hotel, food, transportation)
  • Receipts for other direct costs or out-of-pocket expenses

If you experienced a total loss of your home, most policies require the insurer to pay the full value of your coverage, minus your deductible and other allowable exclusions.

We will document your claim as thoroughly as possible and submit the demand to the insurance company. We verify receipt of your claim and push for an adjuster to evaluate your damage as quickly as possible. At that time, we will begin the settlement negotiation process.

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Our Panama City Property Claim Lawyers Can Help You Today

The property claim lawyers from the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine are standing by to help you get the insurance settlement to which you are entitled.

We can assist you with filing your initial property damage claim. Or, if the insurance company has denied your claim or offered you a lowball settlement, we can step in on your behalf. In many cases, claims processors and adjusters are simply overloaded. In that case, we can prompt them to give your claim the attention it deserves.

However, if the insurer is dealing in bad faith, we will take an aggressive stance and compel it to negotiate an acceptable settlement based on the coverages outlined in your policy.

When you choose the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine to handle your property damage claim or insurance company dispute, our services to you include:

Providing Answers & Proactive Communication

Our legal team will answer your questions and provide updates about the status of your claim. We will alert you to developments and important milestones in your case, as we progress through the claims process.

Investigating & Documenting Your Property Claim

We will investigate your damage and identify all covered losses. We will document your claim thoroughly because a well-supported claim helps us hold the insurer accountable for all your covered losses.

Communicating on Your Behalf

Our team will handle all dealings with the insurance company and other parties, relieving you of the burden of dealing with complex legal issues. We take as much as possible off your shoulders, so you can handle the many challenges coming your way.

Fighting for Your Right to Recover Damages

We will fight for you and your right to a fair settlement for your damages. We will negotiate with the insurance company to obtain the compensation you deserve. If the insurer will not negotiate in good faith, we will discuss your options for filing a lawsuit.

Your policy may require you to submit a claim within a specified period of time. If you fail to submit your claim on time, you could lose your right to compensation. You also have a time limit for filing a lawsuit under the Florida statute of limitations.

Contact the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine today to preserve your right to obtain a settlement from your insurance company for your property claim.

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