Palm Coast Truck Accident Lawyer Your Palm Coast truck accident may entitle you to compensation.

You may deserve compensation for a truck accident. These cases can be tricky, however. Your lawyer can help you pursue fair coverage of your losses.

A Palm Coast truck accident lawyer from the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine will go the extra mile. They will seek coverage of medical costs, pain and suffering, and other losses.

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The Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine Provides Responsive Legal Care

There are several criteria you should weigh when choosing an attorney. Some questions you may consider are:

  • Does this law firm have experience with truck accident cases?
  • Does this law firm know Palm Coast?
  • Does this law firm treat me with dignity and care?
  • What do former clients say about this law firm?

Our firm applies these same standards to our own team. Yes, we have experience with truck accident cases. Our staff also knows the legal atmosphere in Palm Coast. Also, our team goes the extra mile for every client.

You can read the words of our past clients for yourself.

Clients Testimonials for the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine

We want our clients to be completely satisfied with our representation. You should have the same demands. Here is what former clients have to say about our legal help:

“My experience with this law firm has been a great one. The staff is extremely professional. Anytime I had questions or concerns, I would call and someone would always have an answer for me. Their follow up is outstanding. They care about their clients well being, I am very appreciative for the service I have received from this firm. It almost feels like your family is taking care of the case.” – Stephen L.

“[They] kept us informed and comfortable that he was doing everything that he could to get us the most for our settlement.” – Joe H.

“[They] always took the time to personally answer questions by phone and email… always went to bat for us and fought tooth and nail to get us both the best possible and fair settlements… Anidjar & Levine is so on the ball.” – Jessica D.

These reviews are not exceptions. They indicate the high bar that our firm hopes to meet for each client. We will seek a financial recovery for you in an empathetic manner.

How do We “Go the Extra Mile”?

Our firm wants you to focus solely on your recovery; we handle the rest. You can expect us to do the following:

  • Prove negligence in your truck accident case
  • Handle every case-related responsibility
  • Provide regular case updates but not bother you unnecessarily
  • Help you arrange medical care, vehicle repairs, and other case-related appointments
  • Help you secure temporary transportation
  • Answer all of your questions
  • Provide your attorney’s phone number

We know what clients value. Our team has no problem doing extra if it means pleasing you.

We Impose no Direct Financial Cost on You

Our firm uses the contingency fee structure. With contingency fees, you pay no upfront costs as a client. You also do not have to pay any fee unless your case is successful.

As the Florida Bar notes, a contingency fee is an alternative to hourly fees, retainer fees, and other upfront types of payment. With contingency fees, you do not:

  • Pay up front for the cost of completing your case
  • Have to pay out of your own pocket under any circumstance
  • Have to worry about the cost of hiring a lawyer

Our fee will come from your winnings, so your current finances will not be affected.

Hiring a truck accident lawyer for your case in Palm Coast is simple. The Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine are ready and willing to help.

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What Losses Entitle You to Compensation?

All of your accident-related losses could warrant compensation. Though every case is unique, a lawsuit may result in coverage of:

  • Medical imaging
  • Emergency care
  • Medical transportation (ambulance or otherwise)
  • Rehabilitation of your injuries
  • Transportation to medical appointments
  • Each accident-related medical visit
  • Lost income (current and future)
  • Diminished earning power
  • Permanent disability
  • Pain and suffering

Wrongful death cases may warrant many of the above losses. They may also entitle you to coverage of funeral expenses, loss of consortium, and other damages.

Our team will review your case and identify all of your losses. We can then valuate each loss, resulting in a total value for your case.

How do We Evaluate Your Case?

Some steps we may take to evaluate your case include:

  • Speaking with you about your losses
  • Creating a record of your losses
  • Conducting independent investigation of your losses
  • Hiring experts and investigators, who may shed light on many of your losses
  • Work with medical professionals to understand your future medical needs
  • Conduct legally accepted calculations for non-economic losses

We must calculate your losses accurately. Undervaluing your losses could leave you without the awards that you deserve (and need). Overvaluing your case may make negotiations more difficult.

Leave this process to us. We will negotiate for the full amount that you deserve.

Liability for Truck Accidents Can Be Complicated

It is also our job to determine who owes you compensation. Truck accidents can have a complicated liability landscape. One or more of the following parties may be liable for your collision:

  • A truck driver
  • A trucking company
  • A truck manufacturer
  • A truck component manufacturer
  • A municipality
  • A mechanic
  • A pedestrian

Every case involves unique facts. As the American Bar Association (ABA) notes, negligence is often the legal standard for liability. We will identify every liable party and pursue appropriate compensation from each.

Do not wait to seek legal help. Insurance companies may try to bully you into a quick settlement. Our team can defend you from such tactics. You may also have a limited time to file your case.

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