Naples Loose Floorboards Injury Lawyer Loose floorboard in a Naples property could cause slip and fall accidents.

Though it might at first seem like a minor issue, a slip and fall from loose floorboards in stores, offices, and other buildings open to the public can cause major injuries. After falling, some people suffer severe injuries like torn ligaments and bone fractures.

These injuries can be costly to treat. Fortunately, if this happens to you, the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine has Naples slip and fall caused by loose floorboards lawyers who could help you seek compensation from the liable parties. For inquiries, you may call the firm today at (888) 587-9581.

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Property Owners Could Be Liable

Under Florida’s negligence laws, the persons in charge of the premises are responsible for accidents resulting from their negligence. As such, Naples property owners and other entities must do their part to protect visitors from foreseeable hazards such as loose floorboards. These could involve blocking off the hazardous area, providing warning signs, or fixing the problem itself.

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Holding the Property Owner Liable

A Naples loose floorboards slip and fall injury lawyer can help determine if you could indeed hold the property owner or other entity at fault. For instance, they can investigate other possible instances of slip and fall accidents on the premises caused by loose floorboards. You could use this as proof of the owner’s negligence since they did not address the issue despite already harming other people. They could also review your current evidence to see if you need more proof, such as CCTV footage.

We can also investigate any previous history of slip and falls on the property. A lawyer can help determine if anyone slipped and fell for the same reasons in the past. This can go a long way in helping to establish liability on the part of the property owner. If your lawyer can prove that the property owner had reason to believe that floorboards on their premise were loose, you may be able to hold the owner liable, and you may qualify for compensation.

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Compensation in Naples Slip and Fall Cases

You can recover economic and non-economic damages if your loose floorboard slip and fall case settles successfully. Economic damages pay for actual financial costs, including medical treatments, lost wages, or even damaged valuables. Funeral and burial expenses may also get covered if ever the accident resulted in death. Non-economic damages, on the other hand, serve as a way to compensate you for the pain and suffering you went through, such as disabilities and trauma.

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Laws That May Apply to Your Total Damages

Some state laws may affect how much you can receive in your Naples slip and fall claim or lawsuit.

The state’s comparative fault rule is one such law, according to Florida Statutes §768.81. It states that you may not receive your damages in full if the claims adjuster or court discovers that you share some fault in the accident. For instance, if they deem you 20 percent liable, you would only recover 80 percent of your compensation. If your damages totaled $250,000, you would get $200,000.

The government also limits the damages that you can get from them. They will typically only pay for damages of up to $200,000 if only one department is at fault. The limit increases to $300,000 if multiple agencies are involved.

A Naples loose floorboards slip and fall injury lawyer can act as your legal representative to help you receive an appropriate settlement. They can speak for you if you decide to enter private negotiations with the other party first. If your case goes to court, they could present your arguments more persuasively to the judge or jury and advise you on conducting yourself during the proceedings.

Following Your Statute of Limitations

Your Naples loose floorboard slip and fall case has the same statute of limitations or filing deadlines as other negligence cases, which is four years, according to the Florida Statutes §95.11. The court will dismiss your suit if you miss the deadline, barring you from recovering damages. But there are some cases where a tolling exception will move the deadline. For example, if the slip and fall victim is a child, the court allows up to seven years to sue.

No matter the circumstance, it is best to start developing your case early on. That way, you have more time to tackle unexpected legal issues that crop up. A Naples lawyer could also check for tolling exceptions to determine how much time you have left to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Get Help with Seeking Compensation

Do not let the hassle of the legal process stop you from seeking the compensation you deserve. If you want to focus on your health and recovery while also pursuing legal action, you can employ the help of a lawyer. They can handle all the aspects of the case for you, whether you are filing a claim or a personal injury lawsuit.

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