Mount Dora Car Accident Lawyer If you have been seriously injured in a vehicle accident in Mount Dora, FL, you have the legal right to seek financial compensation for your injuries.

If you have been injured in a vehicle accident in Mount Dora, FL, you have the right to seek financial compensation. Whether you file a claim with an insurance company or file a personal injury lawsuit, we recommend discussing your options with a car accident attorney.

Automobile accident claims can be very complicated. Early on, important evidence needs to be examined and important decisions need to be made. Call the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine at 1 (800) 747-3733 for a free consultation and case analysis.

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File a Claim or File a Lawsuit

Florida is a ‘no-fault’ state, meaning that your own personal injury protection (PIP) policy will pay for medical expenses and loss of income (according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles)—but only up to the maximum amount of $10,000. However, you cannot seek financial damages for pain and suffering through your PIP policy.

If the total cost of medical treatment and loss of income has exceeded or will exceed $10,000, you then have another set of options: you can file a claim against the other driver’s insurance company and seek an out-of-court settlement or a monetary judgment for your damages, which could include compensation for pain and suffering.

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Collecting Evidence to Identify Negligent Parties

Should you engage our firm, our car accident team will fully investigate how the accident happened. A Mount Dora car accident lawyer will attempt to prove negligence on the part of the other driver and identify third parties that might also be partly responsible for causing the accident. Those individuals then can also be named as defendants in your personal injury lawsuit seeking damages.

The Importance of Police Reports

We analyze police reports from the Mount Dora Police Department Records Unit to determine if the other driver was ticketed for violation of traffic laws, such as failing to stop, ignoring the right of way, tailgating, speeding, reckless driving, texting.

Does the police report contain a statement made by the other driver admitting negligence? If so, this evidence could be crucial to building a successful case.

If police determine that drugs or alcohol were involved, the other driver will be arrested. Criminal charges may be filed. We will track all the forthcoming depositions and hearings in that criminal case to gather evidence related to your personal injury claim.

Your Mount Dora car accident lawyer will also interview and prepare statements of eyewitnesses, including passengers in either vehicle, passing vehicles, and any bystanders who often can provide accurate accounts as to whom was at fault.

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Multiple Parties May Be Liable for Your Car Accident

Our investigation may determine that there are other parties involved that were partially negligent. Your case may eventually include seeking compensation from additional individuals that were partially negligent.

The Liability of Governments and Construction Companies

Highway construction firms and government entities can be sued for their negligent actions that contributed to your accident. Our team will visit the accident scene to collect photographic evidence to determine if any of the following played a role:

  • Poorly designed roads
  • Blocked exit ramps or exit ramps that are too highly angled
  • Sharp drop-off on the shoulder of the road
  • Lack of safety barriers, when appropriate
  • Lack of proper road maintenance
  • Blocked or difficult-to-see signs
  • Lack of proper lighting

The Liability of Vehicle Manufacturers and Mechanics

Manufacturers and mechanics who make or install faulty equipment can be held liable for damages caused by safety features that failed to work properly due to their negligence. This includes faulty brakes, airbags that fail to deploy, poorly mounted tires, and similar contributing factors.

The Liability of Rental Car Companies

Rental car companies can be responsible if an examination of company records reveals that their fleet was poorly maintained, especially if they lease out vehicles that are under factory recall.

At the Law Offices of Anidjar and Levine, we aggressively pursue any and all parties that may have been negligent. You have every legal right to seek damages for your injuries, loss of income, and pain and suffering.

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Understanding the Full Extent of Your injuries

Your Mount Dora car accident lawyer will interview EMTs, emergency room doctors, and nurses who treated you. Any surgeon, orthopedist, neurologist, radiologist, physical therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist who provided treatment will be interviewed to provide evidence that you need ongoing treatment for serious injuries directly caused by the accident.

We will conduct a thorough financial review to calculate the total cost of all your treatments, out-of-pocket expenses, and loss of income. This allows us to go after the full amount of compensation you are entitled to recover.

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