Mirarmar Wind Damage Propery Claim Lawyer Has your Miramar property sustained wind damage? Our property claim lawyers can help you seek an advantageous insurance settlement.

Cyclones, tropical storms, and hurricanes create high winds that can harm your home or other property. Our Miramar wind damage property claim lawyers can help you get the insurance settlement you need. Such an award could pay for your repairs, additional living expenses, and damaged personal belongings.

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Our Wind Damage Claims Attorneys Are Here to Help

If your home sustained covered losses during a storm involving high winds, our attorneys could help you through the insurance process. We will fight back against underpaid claims, claims denials, or insurance companies acting in bad faith. We can:

  • Protect your rights as an insured homeowner
  • Compute and prove the value of your repairs and other losses
  • Make sure the insurance company adheres to legally established timelines
  • Review your payout offers and reject low settlements
  • Fight against partial payment or denial of your claim
  • Negotiate for the maximum settlement available to you
  • Prepare your case for the umpire process, state mediation, or examination under oath, if necessary
  • Take legal action against your insurance provider, if needed

We want to help you secure the highest settlement amount possible under your policy. This includes making sure you receive all covered losses you are eligible to collect:

  • Your property repair bills
  • Damaged personal belongings
  • Additional living expenses (ALE) if you cannot reside in your home due to the covered losses

At the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine, We Go the Extra Mile for Our Clients

When you choose the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine, you get legal help and an ally who will stand by your side throughout the claims process. We will:

  • Make our team available to you 24/7
  • Give you your attorney’s cell phone number
  • Promptly return your calls and emails
  • Provide you with frequent case updates
  • Answer all of your questions and inform you of your options
  • Help with scheduling case-related appointments

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Understanding Your Rights As an Insured Homeowner in Florida

Florida Statutes § 627.7142, the Homeowners Claims Bill of Rights, guarantees a speedy resolution of your claim under the law. The statute states:

  • Your insurance company must acknowledge your claims within 14 days of your initial submission.
  • Upon your written request, your insurance company must notify you within 30 days of submission of your proof-of-loss statement – whether it will cover your claim in full, offer partial payment, or deny your claim.
  • Your insurer must issue full payment of your claim, payment of any undisputed portion of your claim, or a claim denial within 90 days of your initial submission.
  • Under most circumstances, you are entitled to free mediation of disputed claims by the Florida Department of Financial Services, Division of Consumer Services (subject to restrictions).

Our wind damage lawyers can help defend your rights as an insured homeowner in Miramar, Florida. If your insurance company is not meeting state-mandated deadlines, we can assist you.

How Long do You Have to Make a Claim?

The sooner you can start on your insurance claim, the better. Sometimes, wind damage is not immediately detected. For example, you may not know your roof is missing shingles until it leaks during the next heavy rain. As soon as you realize you have losses, you should contact your insurer.

There is limited time to file a supplemental claim or reopen a claim for covered losses caused by a windstorm or hurricane. So, do not put off starting the insurance process for too long. The clock on your time limit begins when the storm makes landfall. If we take legal action to resolve your case, you are subject to Florida’s statute of limitations for recovering compensation for covered losses. Our attorneys can tell you more.

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What Can You do to Increase Your Chances of Receiving an Adequate Settlement?

According to the Florida Chief Financial Officer, there are several steps you can take to help increase the chances of a successful outcome for your wind damage property claim:

  • Contact your insurance provider before contracting any repairs to ensure your policy covers the work.
  • Document any necessary emergency repairs you must make to protect your property.
  • Understand your insurance contract
  • Make sure the contractor you hire to do repairs has a license to conduct business in Florida.
  • Make sure your contractor has proof of insurance.
  • If you must leave your home during repairs, make sure your insurance company knows how to contact you.

If at any time you feel uncomfortable about how your insurance company handles your claim, you have the right to speak with an attorney. You do not have to accept your insurer’s initial offer or accept claims denials without exploring your legal options.

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Miramar Property Owners Face the Threat of Wind Damage During the Storm Season

As a city near the coast, Miramar faces the potential for damaging high winds during the hurricane season. The hurricane preparedness information provided by the Miramar Fire and Rescue Department affirms this.

Overall, Florida experiences more hurricanes than any other state, according to the National Hurricane Center. During the storm season, Miramar could see high winds that can cause:

  • Broken windows and doors
  • Roof damage that may lead to flooding and water damage
  • Trees, vehicles, or other objects to strike your house
  • Porches, decks, and balconies to tear off of your home
  • The collapse of walls, chimneys, or weak areas in the structure of your residence

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