Miami Loose Floorboards Lawyer Loose floorboards could cause injuries related to a trip and fall accident.

Those who own and manage properties must be constantly on the lookout for hazards that could lead to a trip and fall or slip and fall accident. Loose floorboards could cause a visitor on a property to lose their footing in one or more ways, and may cause a nasty fall resulting in injury. One or more parties could be responsible for the losses that you or a loved one experiences because of such an accident, and a Miami loose floorboards lawyer may be able to help you pursue any compensation that you deserve.

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Loose Floorboards and Other Hazards

Property owners in Miami and throughout the state may be legally required to spot and repair not only loose floorboards, but also any other features of their property that may be a health hazard. If you or a loved one was injured by one or more dangerous, foreseeable features of a property, then one or more parties may be responsible for your losses.

Some of the hazards that could exist on a property include:

  • Loose floorboards
  • Loose carpeting, tile, or other forms of flooring material
  • Exposed electrical wiring
  • Exposed pipes or other potential heat sources
  • Cluttered walkways
  • Uneven, broken, or unstable stairs
  • Stairways lacking handrails
  • Slick surfaces
  • Uneven or cracked sidewalks or walkways
  • Falling objects
  • Lack of adequate security

Florida law may generally require that property owners be reasonably aware of potential hazards and protect those who legally enter a property in one or more ways from such hazards. Florida Statute §768.0755 notes that property owners must specifically account for spilled substances that may lead to a slip and fall accident. This is just one of the hazards that property owners may be legally responsible for recognizing and remedying.

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You May Not Be Responsible for Your Losses

A lawyer who you hire to handle your case of a slip and fall injury will aim to determine who is responsible for your accident and losses. A property owner may have owed you a duty of care, and they could be liable to pay you damages if they breached that duty of care.

According to the Legal Information Institute (LII), a property owner with a duty of care must deal with slipping hazards “in the same manner as a reasonably prudent person in their position would.” A property owner may have breached their duty of care to you if:

  • They did not have systems in place to consistently monitor the safety of their property, including the presence of loose floorboards
  • They did not become aware of the hazard despite having a sufficient amount of time to do so
  • They were aware of the loose floorboards but failed to adequately protect visitors such as you or your loved one

A breach of duty of care in your case may be as simple as this: a property contained one or more loose floorboards, the owner did not fix them or warn you about them, and you were injured as a result. Other parties aside from a property owner may have liability for loose floorboards, and your Miami loose floorboards lawyer will consider this possibility.

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You May Have Suffered Substantial Losses

Slipping and falling may produce serious injuries, and those injuries may produce negative outcomes in several aspects of your life. In a broad sense, being injured could negatively affect:

  • Your physical health
  • Your mental wellbeing
  • Your ability to earn a living

These are generally major factors in determining your quality of life. Deficits in either of these aspects of your life could have great consequences, and your lawyer will fight to secure compensation that covers your losses.

Some of the more specific losses that you may experience because of a slip and fall injury are:

  • The cost of ambulance transport from the scene of your accident
  • The cost of diagnosing your injury
  • The cost of any emergency care you received for your injury
  • The cost of surgery or other major procedures required to treat your injury
  • The cost of follow-up care, including but not limited to rehabilitation
  • The cost of medications
  • Lost income while you are injured
  • Long-term or permanent harm to your earning power
  • Pain and suffering

If you have lost a loved one because of a slip and fall accident, then you may be entitled to additional losses. This may include both economic and non-economic costs that come from losing a loved one.

Your lawyer will do everything in their power to recover compensation for you or a loved one negatively affected by a loose floorboards accident.

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A Lawyer Will Fight for Justice

Being injured may also limit your ability to seek compensation on your own. Even if you are healthy, hiring a lawyer may provide several benefits, as they can defend your rights and handle the legal aspects of your case on your behalf.

Some specific duties of your lawyer may include:

  • Speaking with witnesses
  • Hiring experts
  • Collecting evidence
  • Drafting and filing paperwork
  • Documenting your injuries
  • Calculating the cost of your losses
  • Negotiating a settlement

Your lawyer will be ready to take your case to trial if necessary, but The New York Times explains that a pre-trial settlement may generally be the most desirable outcome.

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