Construction ranks as one of the most dangerous jobs in America. Florida construction sites hold many dangers, and if an employer fails to take the proper safety precautions, employees’ risk of an accident can be significant. If you suffered injuries, you need a construction accident lawyer in Miami, FL, to fight for your rights and pursue fair compensation. The legal team at the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine can help.

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A Lawyer Can Help Following a Construction Accident in Miami.

The days and weeks following a construction accident can be difficult to face on your own. You might be dealing with:

  • Hospitalizations, doctor visits, and surgery;
  • Mounting medical bills;
  • Missed work;
  • Financial stress;
  • Questions about liability and how to get compensated;
  • Physical pain and suffering; and
  • Worry, anxiety, and depression.

Your injury affects not only you but also your family, friends, and loved ones. If you have a spouse or children who rely on your income from your construction job, your family might worry about how to make ends meet. You might require the help of family and friends to carry out daily living activities that you cannot do on your own due to your injuries.

We can help you with the legal side of the accident, leaving you time and energy to focus on your recovery and your family. Our goal at the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine is to help you get your life back to normal as quickly as possible.

The legal implications of a construction accident have a lot of nuances and sit at the intersection of several areas of the law. It is essential to work with a lawyer who has fought and won these types of claims and can put their knowledge and resources to work for you. We will help you fight for the fair compensation you deserve.

We can offer assistance in dealing with the little things that can cause stress and delay your recovery. Our legal support staff is dedicated to making your life easier. Anytime you need help with an insurance document, a car repair estimate, or anything else related to your claim, our staff is a phone call away and eager to help.

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No Matter How Your Construction Accident Injury Occurred, We Fight for Your Fair Compensation.

There are endless ways to get hurt on a construction site. In our years defending construction accident victims in the Miami area, we have seen many of them.

Though construction injuries differ, our process to win you fair compensation stays the same. We investigate your accident, identify all responsible parties, and pour extensive resources into gathering evidence to build our case and win damages.

We can help if you suffered injuries due to any of the following:

Whether your injury does or does not appear on the above list, we can help. We hold the responsible party or parties accountable and help you win the fair compensation you deserve.

We take these case on a contingency basis. That means we only get paid when we recover money for you. You pay us for results, not for our time or advice.

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We Seek Compensation From All Responsible Parties.

We investigate your construction accident and determine who was responsible. Chances are, we discover that the liability rests with your employer. In some cases, though, another third party—such as a job site owner, contractor, or equipment manufacturer—might bear some or all of the liability.

The course of action we take to recover compensation depends on who was responsible for your accident and your injuries. If it was your employer, we generally must go through the workers’ compensation system. If it was a third party, we can file an insurance claim or a private lawsuit and pursue damages.

We Can Pursue Workers’ Compensation From Your Employer.

If you work for a private company and your employer is in good standing with the workers’ compensation system, we will probably have to use this method to win you compensation. The system shields private employers from personal injury lawsuits from injured employees.

The workers’ compensation system, in theory, benefits injured workers because it provides a straightforward method to file for compensation. Unfortunately, sometimes deserving employees face challenges accessing the money they deserve. Our attorneys help to ensure this does not happen to you.

Before you file a claim, talk to a workers’ compensation lawyer in Miami. Your employer might try to deny or reduce your claim. We can anticipate any challenge, and use appropriate strategies to counter it.

We May Be Able to Pursue Liable Third Parties for Fair Compensation.

If your injury occurred while you were using a piece of construction equipment or it happened because of a danger on an outside job site, a third party might be liable for your injuries. We can pursue this party for damages. Because it is not your employer, we do not have to go through the workers’ compensation system. We can file an insurance claim or file a lawsuit and take your case to court.

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