Tire problems are not just an inconvenience. They can be a threat to your life and safety. Every day, drivers in Florida are seriously injured and even killed because a defective or damaged tire malfunctions on the road and causes a car accident. A tire failure can cause even the most skilled and experienced driver to lose control of the vehicle. Because it usually happens at highway speeds, the results can be catastrophic.

If you suffered injuries in this type of crash, a defective tire, lawsuit, and recall lawyer in Miami, FL can help you pursue the compensation you deserve. Tire manufacturers have a responsibility to make products that are safe and reliable. When a manufacturer cuts corners in order to save on costs or rushes products to market, it leaves customers vulnerable to serious dangers.

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Taking on a huge manufacturing company on your own can be stressful and intimidating. At the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine, our defective products lawyers regularly fight and win cases for our clients against large corporations. We want to put our knowledge and resources to work for you and help you win the money you deserve to cover your injuries and property damage.

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What Causes Tires to Become Defective, Damaged, or Part of a Recall?

Many tires on the market today are known as steel-belted radials. They feature two layers of steel covered by tread. Over time, particularly in hot climates, the tread can become separated from the steel belt. Known as “tread separation,” this issue can result in a catastrophic tire failure while driving at highway speeds.

During a tread separation, the force from the sudden loss of tire pressure can cause the vehicle to lurch to one side without warning. If a motorist is driving in heavy traffic, an almost certain accident results from this situation. Worse still, many drivers instinctively react by turning the steering wheel the other direction. This sudden change in momentum can cause the vehicle to roll over. A vehicle overturning at highway speeds tends to result in severe injuries, even fatalities.

Other common tire defects include:

  • Poor tire construction;
  • Bead failure;
  • Tire shredding; or
  • Inability to hold air.

No matter the type of defect, a bad tire can lead to catastrophic scenarios. If a tire failure caused your accident, there is a good chance that another party—usually the manufacturer of the tire—bears liability for the crash. The legal team at the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine will conduct a full investigation into your accident. We will look at the evidence and identify all parties that were potentially responsible. Then we will pursue the responsible party or parties for compensation for your medical bills, property damage, lost wages from work, pain and suffering, and other related expenses.

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Who Might Be Responsible for My Defective Tire Accident?

If a defective tire on your vehicle failed while you were driving and caused an accident, several parties could have a hand in the responsibility. Our job is to identify those parties and gather evidence that proves their liability. That way, we can hold them accountable and help you get the compensation you deserve.

The Tire Manufacturer

The tire manufacturer represents the most likely responsible party for a tire failure. It is too common in the tire business today for manufacturers to prioritize low costs and production speed over product quality. The result is that many tires that are cheaply constructed and not built to withstand today’s driving conditions get rushed to market and sold to consumers.

In climates such as Miami’s, the problem is even worse, as year-round hot temperatures speed up the process of tread separation and tire degradation. This makes it all the more likely that a poorly built tire will fail at some point.

The Automaker

If you were driving on factory tires when one failed, we might have a case against the automaker. Certain automakers have even had to issue recalls due to faulty tires on their vehicles. As we investigate your accident, we can figure out if the manufacturer or the automaker, or perhaps both, are responsible for the tire failure.

The Tire Repair or Installation Shop

Proper tire repair procedures must adhere to strict guidelines. Deviating from these can lead to an unsafe situation. Not just any plug or patch can fix a compromised tire and make it safe to drive on again. Unfortunately, in order to save on labor and materials costs, some tire repair shops go for the quick fix, sticking a plug or a patch onto a tire that needs a more thorough repair. If an auto shop performs inadequate repairs on an unsafe tire or does not install the tire correctly, it could be liable if a crash occurs.

Shelf life is also a concern with tires. Despite popular belief, it is not only miles of driving that can wear on a tire. As the rubber is exposed to the elements, the materials in the tire itself can begin to degrade over time. If an installation shop puts a degraded tire on your car that is unsafe to drive on, it could be liable for any crash that results.

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