Fort Myers Construction Accident Lawyer Construction accidents can be traumatic and lead to severe injuries.

You do not need to suffer in silence because of the reckless or thoughtless actions of others. If you were injured in a construction accident, you might be eligible to file a claim for compensation for your injuries.

With the outstanding team at the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine, we will fight on your behalf to get compensation for construction accident injuries. Our attorneys understand Florida’s state laws concerning personal injury and have fought many cases related to construction accidents.

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Construction Worker Injuries Can Be Serious and Even Fatal

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 5,250 fatal work injuries occurred in the United States in 2018, and 332 of those injuries occurred in Florida. In fact, construction occupations had the most workplace fatalities. The statistics tell us that some of the leading causes of accidents in the workplace include:

  • Transportation accidents: This could consist of construction vehicles. When transportation accidents occur, injuries may be extensive and range from head to back injuries.
  • Falls, trips, or slips: Some construction accidents may occur from a high height, which can cause severe injuries. Recoverable injuries include broken bones, deep cuts, and skin wounds.
  • Exposure to a harmful substance: Some substances that people work with in construction may be dangerous, leading to potential burns or other similar injuries.
  • Contact with an object or equipment: This could be a result of a malfunctioning piece of equipment. When a piece of equipment malfunctions, injuries that may occur range from a concussion to a severed hand or crushed leg.

Many construction accidents can be fatal, resulting in extreme pain and loss for loved ones. In these cases, the family may be entitled to wrongful death damages.

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You May Pursue Recoverable Damages From a Construction Accident

A Fort Myers construction accident lawyer may collect additional evidence to help you recover the damages you have incurred. Whether your case involves a construction accident injury or a wrongful death, your lawyer may be able to take appropriate measures to build your case on your behalf.

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine may gather information about your case from various sources, such as medical facilities, police departments, and witnesses. They may also collect information about your lost earnings. Finally, you may be able to get monetary compensation for mental anguish and suffering.

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