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Weather events like hurricanes are unique factors that influence our homeowners’ insurance costs. However, if your property is covered under an insurance policy, you have the right to receive a fair settlement. Contact a property claim lawyer in Kissimmee, FL at the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine at 1-800-747-3733 for a free consultation regarding your property claim.

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Types of Property Claims

Property damage claims can be filed after accidents or weather events that include pipe leaks, fire, wind, water, flooding, hurricanes, and tropical storms. Florida seems to deal with several catastrophic weather events each year. However, if property losses have occurred, you may have the right to receive compensation for your claim under your insurance policy. Different types of property losses may need to be filed under separate insurance policies such as homeowners’ policies and flood policies.

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Filing a Property Claim

Filing a claim for property loss can be confusing, complex and overwhelming. The filing process needs to be done in a specific order, and all requirements for a claim must be met. Otherwise, an insurance company may deny the claim, or even offer a low settlement amount. The following is a typical process for most property claims.

Notice to the Insurance Company

You must contact your insurance company as soon as possible after any weather-related event or accident that caused property loss for which you want to receive compensation. Many insurance policies have an established deadline by which you need to file a claim. Otherwise, you may lose the right to compensation. Never wait to file a property claim or notify your insurance company of any property losses you may have suffered.

Protecting Your Property

If you suffered property losses, you have a responsibility to attempt to protect your remaining property from further harm. These types of requirements typically exist when you have suffered property damage with respect to a weather event such as a hurricane or tropical storm. If wind or other storm damage caused you to lose part of your roof, for example, you may be required under your policy to attempt to protect your roof to the best of your ability by putting up a tarp.

Providing Proof of Loss

After you give notice to your insurance company regarding your property loss, you will then need to provide them with a proof of loss statement. This is a formal statement that you will sign under penalty of perjury. Any losses you would like covered need to be included, such as the actual property losses, losses to personal property inside your home, or any losses suffered from incidental issues such as mildew or mold. You will likely have approximately 60 days after an insurance company requests this proof of loss to provide this document to them under the Florida Statute § 627.613. The failure to comply with a proof of loss statement could prevent you from making your claim and receiving compensation for your property losses.

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