Deerfield Beach Hurricane Property Claim Lawyer If your insurance company refuses to pay for a hurricane property claim on your damaged home or business, reach out to the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine.

If your home or business has extensive damage from a hurricane’s wrath, you might have to live elsewhere until you have the money from your insurance policy to repair or rebuild. Your insurance company, however, to whom you faithfully pay your premiums, might give you a tough time about benefits. You may have tried to resolve the situation on your own, but it might be best to call a hurricane property claim lawyer in Deerfield Beach who will fight for your rightful compensation.

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A Hurricane Property Claim Lawyer in Deerfield Beach Is on Your Side

Our Deerfield Beach lawyers understand the apprehension and stress of an approaching hurricane and its aftermath. We also know how to apply our legal knowledge and experience to get your insurance company to pay you. A hurricane property claim lawyer in Deerfield Beach will do everything possible if your legitimate claim is denied or disputed.

Why would your own insurance company give you a tough time paying benefits? The simple answer is money. In our experience, some insurance companies try to deny, delay, or downplay your claim to save money. The Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine are on your side and will stand up to questionable delay tactics, such as:

  • Taking an unreasonable time to respond to your claim.
  • Undervaluing the cost of repairing or rebuilding.
  • Denying that you have coverage.
  • Claiming that the damage is due to your failures as a property owner.
  • Making false or misleading statements.

It is unethical and possibly illegal for your insurance company to behave in this fashion. A hurricane property claim lawyer from our firm will hold them accountable. We may have to file a bad faith lawsuit if it means receiving the full payout you deserve. To request a free case review, please call the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine at 1-800-747-3733.

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How to Improve Your Chance for a Successful Property Claim

One of the best ways to improve your chance for a successful claim is to know exactly what your property insurance does and does not cover. Typically, your homeowner’s insurance will cover:

  • Torn, missing, or damaged roof tiles or shingles;
  • Damaged or lost vinyl siding;
  • Damaged, twisted, or missing gutters and rain spouts;
  • Tree damage to exterior walls or roof;
  • Broken or damaged windows; or
  • Water damage to home interior due to the storm creating an opening to the roof, windows, or exterior walls.

Your specific policy may also cover temporary shelter (such as a hotel room or materials used to protect your home from further damage. Many policies require property owners to remediate damage whenever it is safe to do so.

How to Prepare a Hurricane Property Claim

A member of our legal team can prepare your claim. You can also submit a claim yourself.

We recommend the following when you send a hurricane property claim:

  • Follow claim submission procedures as stated in your policy.
  • Double-check your property address, policy number, and other vital information.
  • Include clear photos or videos of property damage or loss.
  • Add information such as serial numbers for damaged or lost property like televisions and computers.
  • Be sure to send documents and photos in the requested format if sending an electronic claim.
  • Keep a journal of your calls and correspondence.

You also must pay the deductible for hurricane windstorm damage. This amount is typically a fixed percentage of your policy’s value.

A hurricane property claim lawyer in Deerfield Beach is ready to help you with a new or existing claim. Please call the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine at 1-800-747-3733.

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Hurricanes Are Life-Threatening Natural Disasters

Florida is famous for its sunshine and thousands of miles of white sandy beaches, but it is also known for the hurricanes that have ravaged it throughout history. The worst, according to AccuWeather, was the Okeechobee Hurricane in 1928, a Category 4 storm that claimed more than 2,500 lives and destroyed many homes and farms.

All categories of hurricanes have the potential to be life-threatening. Your property and personal belongings can be replaced. Please stay safe and follow federal, state, and local instructions when a storm is approaching to avoid personal injury. Once the winds pass and the sunshine returns, start to take action to ensure that your insurance company is held to their promised coverage of your property.

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We Protect Your Rights and Pursue Full and Fair Compensation

The Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine are passionate about helping people who are injured or mistreated by another person or party. An attorney from our firm is your strong legal advocate.

Property insurance policies are legal contracts. That is why it makes sense to have a hurricane property claim lawyer in Deerfield Beach review your case to make sure your rights are protected. We are ready to pursue full and fair compensation on your behalf. You do not owe attorney fees unless we are successful in this effort.

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