Cocoa Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer If you or a loved one were injured in a slip and fall accident in Cocoa, our attorneys can hold the negligent party accountable for your injury-related expenses.

Cocoa, also known as Florida’s “Space Coast,” is home to some of the state’s best attractions, including Cocoa Beach. Unfortunately, with over 18,000 residents (and countless more tourists), slips and falls are all too common. If you or a loved one suffered a fall in Brevard County, you have legal options. 

A Cocoa slip and fall accident lawyer from the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine will advocate for you. With years of experience and a network of resources, we will do everything possible to secure compensation for your losses. In addition, we offer free case reviews so you can explore your options today. 

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Recovering Compensation in Slip and Fall Accidents 

Whether they oversee private or commercial property, all property owners must keep their premises safe for guests. This includes sealing off hazardous areas, warning you about specific conditions, and addressing dangers in a timely manner. The property owner could bear liability for your losses by failing to take these actions. 

We want to make the financial recovery process as easy as possible. This starts with understanding that: 

Florida Law Limits Your Time to Take Legal Action 

The state of Florida imposes filing deadlines for cases. You generally have four years to file your lawsuit, per Florida Statutes § 95.11(3)(a)

Matters change if you’re filing a wrongful death lawsuit. Here, per Florida Statutes § 95.11(4)(d), you typically have two years to file. Filing your case on time is crucial. If you don’t file within the allotted time, you risk losing the right to seek damages. 

It Costs Nothing Out of Pocket to Hire Our Law Firm 

Our law office works on a contingency-fee basis. As a result, our clients pay nothing upfront or out of pocket for our representation. 

Our payment comes from a portion of your settlement or court award. You don’t pay anything unless we secure compensation for your losses. 

You Can Secure Both Economic and Non-Economic Damages 

Slipping and falling can result in expensive medical bills. You might also miss time from work and need in-home assistance. You can recover every loss related to your accident and injuries, including: 

  • Past and future healthcare expenses
  • Lost employment-related losses, including tips, wages, and bonuses 
  • Diminished future earning capacity 
  • Pain and suffering and inconvenience 
  • Disability
  • Scarring and disfigurement 
  • Mental anguish 
  • Funeral and burial expenses 
  • Loss of consortium 

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What Our Lawyer for Slip and Fall Accidents Can do for You 

We are prepared to do everything your slip and fall case needs, including: 

Investigating the Cause 

To pursue an insurance claim, we must have evidence to support it. Supporting information can include: 

  • The accident report 
  • Security camera footage 
  • Eyewitness testimony 
  • Your medical treatment records 
  • Statements from your healthcare team 

Sometimes, hazardous properties hurt multiple people. We can review the premises’ history and see if other similar accidents have happened. 

Reviewing the Insurance Policy 

Many homeowners and business owners carry liability insurance. While we calculate your losses, we will determine what the policy entitles you. This helps us negotiate with the insurance provider. 

Filing Your Insurance Claim 

Filing an insurance claim is more than filing paperwork; it’s about supplying the insurance company with information, communicating with claims adjusters, and advocating for your needs. 

This can get complicated while you are recovering from serious injuries. So let our slip and fall attorneys handle your claim and all it entails. 

Filing Your Civil Lawsuit 

We resolve many of our slip and fall injury cases through insurance claims. However, we are always ready to go to court. To advance your lawsuit, we will: 

  • Use evidence to support your case
  • File your lawsuit within the appropriate period 
  • Fill out your lawsuit’s necessary paperwork 
  • Present your damages’ cost 
  • Interview experts and eyewitnesses on the stand 
  • Protect you from unfair courtroom proceedings 
  • Craft your case’s strategy 
  • See your case through to a verdict 

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We Offer Free Resources to Injured Claimants 

While considering your legal options, here are some resources: 

  • Our “How to Give a Deposition” video. If your case goes to court, you may be asked to give a deposition. During a deposition, you will provide some basic information about your case in an interview-like setting. 
  • Our “Where Does It Hurt?” software program. While not a substitute for medical care, will enable you to learn more about your injuries. Select your injured body part, click on your condition, and watch a short, two-minute video. 
  • Our FAQ section. We understand that you likely have many questions. Our FAQ section clears up some commonly asked questions we get from clients, including “What Is the Average Payout for a Slip and Fall?” 

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Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents 

After concluding our investigation, we may find that one or more of the following factors caused your accident and injuries: 

  • Cracked flooring 
  • Loose floorboards 
  • Slippery floors (caused either by wax or spills) 
  • Holes 
  • Debris and clutter in walkways 
  • Poorly lit areas 
  • Staircases with broken rails 
  • Rotten wood or stairs 
  • Unmaintained landscaping 

Our Clients Have Shared this Positive Feedback 

We have a 4.8-star rating in Google Reviews. In addition, some of our previous clients have shared: 

  • “I had such an amazing experience here! Jonathan Holtz was my attorney, and I could not have asked for a better person to take my case. He was very responsive and did a great job of keeping me informed! I would highly recommend letting them be your attorney.” – Sarah A. 
  • “Anidjar &Levine is a great law firm. They gave us a free consultation over the phone, and we were able to resolve our case easily. Evans was most friendly, honest and sincere with our case and I would highly recommend this law firm to those struggling with finding the right law firm. Keep up the good work guys!” – Kharmen W. 
  • “Shire Patel worked with me on my case and was absolutely amazing! Sharp as a knife and fought hard against the insurance with my best interest in mind at all times. He was also very responsive and always kept in touch updating me about my case at all hours.” – Daniel R.  

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