Clearwater Bicycle Hit and Run Accident Lawyer A motorist who flees the scene of a bicycle accident could be held financially responsible.

Being in a hit and run accident can leave a victim wondering what their options are for justice. A hit and run could be particularly devastating if you or a loved one were on a bicycle when the accident happened, as bicyclists are exposed to the impact of a motor vehicle.

Victims’ options for seeking compensation may depend on whether authorities located the driver who fled from the scene or not. A Clearwater bicycle hit and run accident lawyer may be able to help, and their team can go through your options during a free consultation.

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Bicyclists Have Great Exposure to Accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 857 bicyclists died in 2018 because of collisions with motor vehicles. Bicyclists are highly exposed to the dangers of motor vehicle collisions.

These are some of the reasons why bicyclists may be at a higher risk of death or serious injury.

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They Share the Roads with Larger Vehicles

Motor vehicles take various shapes and sizes, but every motor vehicle significantly outweighs a bicycle. The Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy explains that passenger vehicles such as pickup trucks can weigh more than 6,000 pounds, while the largest trucks weigh more than 33,000 pounds.

Conversely, bikes have a lightweight design. Even a heavier bike may be no match for the weight of a motor vehicle. Yet, bicyclists may have to share the road with motor vehicles, and this use of a single road by such dangerously unmatched vehicles can be disastrous when a collision happens.

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They Lack Rider Protections

Those who have ridden a bicycle know the direct interaction with the outside world that a bicycle provides. It is a mode of transportation that puts no barriers between the rider and their environment. Many riders may consider this a great benefit, but it can become a detriment when a motor vehicle strikes a bicyclist.

Some features provided by most motor vehicles that are not part of a standard bicycle include:

  • A metal cage around the rider
  • A seatbelt
  • Airbags
  • Four wheels

Bicycles are fundamentally different than motor vehicles, and bicycle riders are in far more danger when a collision happens than those who occupy a motor vehicle.

Bicyclists will be a part of Clearwater’s transportation scene for the foreseeable future, and motor vehicle drivers need to take every possible measure to avoid causing an accident with a bicyclist.

If an accident happens, a motorist must remain at the accident scene. If a motorist struck you or a loved one and left the scene, then a Clearwater bicycle hit and run accident lawyer can help you with your case.

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Drivers Who Leave the Scene May Face Great Consequences

There is no ambiguity about what a driver must do when they are involved in a motor vehicle accident of any sort. They must remain at the scene to ensure that all parties, including a bicyclist, are safe. This generally means waiting for law enforcement officials and emergency responders to clear all parties to leave the scene.

Some choose to ignore these responsibilities by leaving the accident scene after the collision happens. Drivers may leave the scene of an accident for the following reasons.

They Were Drunk or on Drugs

Florida Statutes §316.193 designates driving while intoxicated as a criminal offense. Some drivers who strike a bicyclist may know or suspect that they are legally drunk at the time of their accident and may flee the scene out of fear of facing criminal charges for their intoxication.

A driver might flee if they were under the influence of one or more drugs at the time of your collision. Such substances can cloud a driver’s judgment, which may contribute to their decision to leave the scene of a bicycle accident.

They’re Uninsured

Auto insurance is mandatory for drivers in Florida. Those who drive without insurance may fear the legal consequences of driving while uninsured, but they may get themselves into greater legal troubles by choosing to flee the scene of a bicycle accident.

A lawyer can seek financial justice on your behalf to help you recover from a driver’s decision to leave the scene of an accident.

They’re Inexperienced

A driver who lacks experience may act in irrational ways when they encounter danger or uncertainty. Nerves or lack of maturity could lead an inexperienced driver to flee the scene of an accident. Though inexperience may be an explanation of a driver’s choice to flee the scene of your accident, it is not a valid legal defense.

A lawyer will seek compensation from the parties responsible for a hit and run bicycle accident in Clearwater. If the police didn’t catch the driver, then a lawyer may be able to secure compensation for you or a loved one through various forms of insurance.

Call a Lawyer’s Team After Your Accident

Bicyclists involved in hit and run accidents could find value in the services of a Clearwater bicycle hit and run accident lawyer. Those who lost a loved one or became seriously injured in such an accident may also choose to hire a lawyer.

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