Brevard County Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Did you sustain injuries while at work in Brevard County, Florida? You may be eligible to recover damages for medical bills and other losses.

If you were injured while at work in Brevard County, FL, you may be facing growing medical bills. Watching medical debt grow while you are unable to work can be even more distressing. There is good news. Most Florida businesses are required to carry workers’ compensation coverage.

If you were injured at work, you may be eligible to recover damages through your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance coverage. If you are struggling to file a claim or have been denied for coverage, a workers’ compensation lawyer in Brevard County, Florida can help.

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Common Workers’ Compensation Case Our Firm Handles

Injuries in the workplace can occur due to a wide range of causes. Our team has experience handling nearly all types of workers’ compensation claims, including the common cases listed below:

  • Construction accident cases
  • Repetitive motion injuries
  • Slips, trips, and falls
  • Puncture wounds
  • Cuts, scrapes, and bruises
  • Fallen object injuries
  • Injuries that occur while driving
  • Chemical burns
  • Heat burns
  • Vision damage
  • Catastrophic injuries, including wrongful death

If you sustained injuries while working, you have the right to pursue compensation through workers’ compensation insurance. However, there are several aspects of the law you must understand when making a workers’ compensation claim.

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What to Do After A Work Injury in Brevard County, FL

After a work injury, your first priority is to ensure the safety of yourself and other workers. If possible, turn off any dangerous equipment and secure any safety hazards.

Then, take the following steps:

  • Notify your boss about the injury as soon as possible.
  • Seek medical care right away, even if the injury doesn’t seem severe.
  • Document your injuries and any other information, such as where the accident happened, who may have seen it, and anything else that you remember from the moments leading up to the accident. 
  • Contact a personal injury lawyer in Brevard County, FL to help protect your rights.
  • Notify your employer in writing within 30 days of your injury.

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Understanding Workers’ Compensation Law in Florida

Florida workers’ compensation laws outline various rules regarding who is required to carry workers’ compensation insurance and what losses it covers, and sets deadlines for specific actions to be completed.

For example, nearly all types of construction companies are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance, while a small business with three employees may not have to carry coverage.

In addition, you are required to notify your boss of the injury as soon as possible and must notify your employer within 30 days to protect your legal right to pursue damages.

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Damages You May Recover in Workers’ Compensation Cases

Unlike personal injury law, where we must establish fault to recover damages, workers’ compensation insurance covers most injuries, regardless of who was at fault and barring particularly reckless behavior.

For example, if you drop a loaded dolly and injure your foot, you would likely qualify for workers’ compensation coverage, even if the accident was your fault.

However, if you were intoxicated and cut your hand with a knife, you would likely not be able to pursue workers’ compensation insurance.

The damages you may recover in a workers’ compensation claim will vary based on your specific case. However, in most cases, you can expect to recover the following types of damages. 

  • The cost of any medical care you require due to your work-related injuries, including future medical expenses if the injuries are long-lasting.
  • A portion of the wages you lose by being unable to work.
  • A portion of your reduction in earnings, if you are unable to work in the same field.
  • Reemployment services, if you are no longer able to do the same work after your injury.

If your loved one passed away due to a work injury, you may also be eligible to pursue a wrongful death claim.

Pursuing Third-Party Claims After a Work Injury

In most cases, workers’ compensation will only cover a portion of your lost wages and does not cover pain and suffering losses. Depending on the details of your case, you may be eligible to recover additional losses through a third-party personal injury claim.

This type of compensation will only apply to a small portion of injured workers. If you were injured due to lack of safety precautions, a failure to follow safety regulations, or due to the actions of another party, you may be eligible to recover additional damages through a personal injury claim. Contact the team at the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine to discuss all your legal options after your injuries.

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