Bradenton Truck Accident Lawyer If another party injures you in a truck accident, you may have a case for damages against them.

When a truck accident results in injuries to you or a family member, you may have a legal case for compensation against those responsible for causing the accident. 

You might be able to recover damages to help you through this challenging time in your life, which can be crucial when you or a loved one suffers a catastrophic injury. In this situation, a Bradenton truck accident lawyer may be able to help.

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It Can Help to Have Legal Representation After a Truck Accident

Consulting one of our lawyers after your truck accident helps determine whether you have a valid legal case. You may have claims against the truck driver, the trucking company that employed the truck driver, or other responsible parties. Without the advice of an attorney, you may not know how to go about getting paid for your injuries. 

The insurance companies for big trucking companies often employ teams of high-powered lawyers. Their goal is to avoid paying you the full amount of compensation for which you may be eligible. One of our lawyers can negotiate with the insurance company, and if they refuse to pay you what you deserve, we will go to court to continue the fight for fair compensation there. 

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Why You Can Afford to Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer

We take truck accident cases on contingency, which means you pay nothing to retain the services of our law firm. You need not worry about hiring one of our lawyers; we will address legal fees during your free consultation and after you receive a settlement or damages award if this happens in your case. As a result, you may feel that hiring a truck accident lawyer to represent your interests is an affordable option for you. 

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Getting Damages for Your Injuries

The amount and types of damages or compensation you are eligible for after a truck accident can differ according to various factors. The severity of your injuries, whether the injuries are permanent, and whether the injuries prevent you from going back to work all play into the calculation of damages in a truck accident case. 

Medical bills for treatment of your injuries are the most obvious and common type of damages in a truck accident case. However, you also might be entitled to damages for:

  • Costs of rehabilitation and ongoing medical care
  • Expenses to modify your home and vehicle to accommodate your disability
  • Lost wages and loss of future income and earning capacity
  • Costs of repairing or replacing your vehicle
  • Physical pain and suffering due to your injuries
  • Emotional or mental trauma stemming from the accident

If a truck accident results in fatal injuries to a loved one, additional forms of compensation also may be available, such as funeral and burial expenses. A Bradenton truck accident lawyer at our law firm can assess your situation and calculate the total amount of compensation to which you may be entitled. 

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Who Might be Responsible for Your Truck Accident

If another driver caused a truck accident that left you injured, that driver can be liable, or financially responsible, for the injuries and property damage they have caused you. You can file a claim with their insurance company and pursue a truck accident claim in court, if necessary.

In some cases, however, the driver is not the only one liable for your accident. If the driver was employed by a trucking company or another employer when the crash occurred, that employer may be liable for your injuries as well. Under state law, employers generally are responsible for the acts of their employees, even when they cause accidents that injure others. 

Furthermore, if a truck defect caused or contributed to your accident, you might have a legal claim against a maintenance company, a truck parts manufacturer, and other potentially responsible parties. If multiple drivers share fault for causing your accident, they all may share in liability, at least to some degree. 

How Long You Have to File Your Truck Accident Case in Court

Florida Statutes § 95.11(3)(a) establishes how long you have to file your truck accident case in court. Missing this deadline or statute of limitations can keep you from getting any compensation for your injuries and other accident-related losses. This statute generally gives you four years from the date of your accident to pursue your claim in court. 

In the case of a fatal truck accident, however, survivors of the deceased victim have a shorter time frame in which to file their wrongful death claims in court. Under Florida Statutes § 95.11(4)(d), surviving family members or personal representatives of the estates have only two years to file their claims in court. 

Again, failing to meet this deadline could result in your family being unable to hold the parties who caused the truck crash responsible for their actions.  

We Handle the Full Range of Truck Accident Cases

The attorneys and staff at the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine handle all types of truck accident cases, whether you are the driver of a passenger vehicle, a pedestrian, a truck driver, or a vehicle passenger. A Bradenton truck accident lawyer will review the situation that led to your injury. We then will develop a strategy designed to obtain fair compensation available in your case, based on your unique circumstances. 

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