If you were in a truck accident, you know how devastating they can be. A tractor-trailer is much larger, heavier, and more destructive than a standard car, truck, or SUV. When one collides with a smaller vehicle, the damage is greater and the injuries significantly worse. The occupants of the smaller vehicle usually bear the brunt of the collision. That is why you see so many head and spinal injuries, broken bones, and other serious injuries in truck accidents.

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We Identify the Liable Parties in Your Truck Accident and Pursue Them for Damages.

When we take your case, our first goal is to understand exactly what happened in your accident. That way, we can identify all parties who might bear liability. We do this by conducting a thorough investigation into the circumstances of your crash. We look at police reports, talk to witnesses, examine photo and video surveillance, reconstruct the accident, consult with expert witnesses, and more. Once we determine who was guilty of negligence in your case, we can hold them liable for your losses.

Often, multiple parties share liability for a truck accident. If this is the case, we go after all of them for damages. Even if you bear some of the liability, it does not necessarily disqualify you from seeking damages from others. We can navigate the many complexities of your case and steer it to the best outcome.

Here are some of the parties who might share in the responsibility.

The Truck Driver

Truckers in Florida owe the same duty of care to other drivers as do operators of standard vehicles. In addition, they must follow strict rules on the number of consecutive hours they can drive, how much rest they must receive, and other safety guidelines. They must record this information in something called a log book. If the truck driver’s log book is behind, contains inaccurate information, or reveals the driver violated a regulation, we use this as evidence against them.

The Trucking Company

Under the concept of vicarious liability, employers are responsible for the actions of employees while they are on the job. That means, if we can prove the truck driver was partially or fully at fault in your accident, we can hold the trucking company that employs them liable for their employee’s negligence.

This is beneficial for you. While the driver may not be flush with cash, trucking companies tend to have a lot more money. This gives you a much better chance of winning the full value of your damages, which can be quite extensive after a truck crash.

The Manufacturer

If a defective part in either your vehicle or the truck caused or contributed to the accident, a good chance exists that the manufacturer of the part shares in the liability. We can pursue them for compensation, as well.

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We Gather Evidence and Build a Substantial Case Against the Responsible Parties.

With a thorough investigation, we can identify all responsible parties in your truck accident. To win compensation from them, however, we need enough evidence to prove they are liable. We can build a substantial case by collecting the following proof.

Police Reports

The police report can be a great source of evidence, particularly if it cites the truck driver for a traffic violation or implicates them in some way.

Eyewitness Statements

We talk to anyone who witnessed the crash about what they saw. We will go over the details of everything they saw or heard while on the scene of your crash.

Accident Reconstruction

We work with accident reconstruction experts to recreate the crash, along with everything that preceded it, in vivid and accurate detail.

Truck Logs

As previously mentioned, we always subpoena the truck driver’s log book to identify any law or regulation they might have violated at the time of the accident.

Medical Records

With medical records, we can provide a definitive link between the truck accident and your injuries.

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We Recover All Damages for Which You Are Eligible.

We go after the responsible party for every type of compensation the law allows, including:

  • Medical bills, both current and future;
  • Physical and occupational therapy;
  • Chiropractic care;
  • Lost wages;
  • Reduced earning capacity;
  • Vehicle repairs;
  • Replacement vehicle;
  • Disability accommodations like wheelchair ramps; and
  • Pain and suffering.

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A Truck Accident Lawyer Can Handle the Claims Process for You After a Crash.

After we collect the evidence we need and calculate the full value of your damages, we will file a claim with the trucking company’s insurer. Trucking companies carry large liability insurance policies for their drivers. This is a good thing for you. Even if the trucking company lacks the financial resources to pay a settlement, the entire purpose of an insurance company is to pay in situations like yours.

That said, insurance companies love to pay as little as possible. If they can get away with it, they may try to avoid paying anything at all. It takes a skilled and aggressive attorney to face them and not accept a less-than-optimal settlement.

At the Law Firm of Anidjar & Levine, our attorneys have a strong track record of taking on the insurance companies and winning big settlements for our clients. If we come across an insurance company that is unwilling to offer a fair settlement, we do not hesitate to file suit and defend our clients’ right to compensation in court.

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The attorneys at the Law Firm of Anidjar & Levine offer skilled and experienced personal injury representation in Boynton Beach. Our lawyers have a strong track record of winning big settlements for our clients. We can do the same for you. Call us today at 800-747-3733 to set up a free consultation with a truck accident lawyer.