Boca Raton Steel Truck Accident Lawyer If you were injured in a steel truck accident in Florida, you have the right to pursue compensation for damages.

When a steel truck collides with other vehicles, the result can be catastrophic. The accident usually results in widespread property damage and severe injuries or fatality. Victims in steel truck accidents may incur injuries that take several months to recover from, costing thousands of dollars in medical bills and lost wages.

If you are injured as a result of a trucking accident, the driver or company responsible should compensate you for your losses. The Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine can represent you as you take on the at-fault party and their insurance company. Let our law firm protect your rights and help you receive a fair settlement.

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Federal Laws Regarding Truck Safety

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) enforces strict regulations on drivers and trucking companies for the safety and well-being of all passengers on the highway. Laws cover maintenance, vehicle markings, hours of service, and drug and alcohol testing. The state of Florida aligns its laws with FMCSA regulations.

Trucking laws exist due to the heavy-duty steel construction of larger commercial vehicles, which makes them extremely dangerous on the road.

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Types of Steel Truck Accidents

A steel truck that is transporting a massive load can be dangerous. Various accidents can occur, including:

  • Collisions with other vehicles or objects
  • Dropped loads that fall on the highway
  • Dropped loads that land on other vehicles
  • Rollovers from unbalanced loads or sudden turns

When a trucking accident occurs, the damage is so widespread that it can be difficult to assess who is at fault. At-fault parties in a trucking accident may include the:

  • Truck driver
  • Manufacturer
  • Truck designer
  • Transportation or distribution company
  • Truck inspector
  • Roadcrew

A truck driver may lack the necessary training to operate a larger vehicle. They may be driving while distracted or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. A transportation company may have failed to maintain the truck or load the cargo properly. Manufacturers or designers can be held responsible for a defective part or poor design.

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Proving Your Truck Accident Case

To receive a settlement offer from the insurance company, we will have to establish who was at fault for the accident. Our lawyers can obtain evidence of fault and liability, such as:

Video Footage of the Accident

Fortunately, many of Florida’s highways are equipped with surveillance cameras that can monitor traffic. We can obtain a copy of the video footage to further assess the accident and determine what happened.

Eyewitness Statements

If you were able to get the names and contact information of witnesses, we can contact all eyewitnesses and gather statements about what they saw. Witnesses can discuss the details of the accident, as well as tell who is to blame.

Expert Witnesses

Expert witnesses can be vital to your case. Trucking experts, medical professionals, or accident reconstruction experts can shed light on the details of the accident. Their testimony can support your claim that another party’s negligence or careless actions are what led to your injuries.

Accident Reports

Highway patrol or local law enforcement may arrive at the scene when injuries occur in an accident. Once they arrive, they are required to fill out a police report. In addition, a trucking company may also have to fill out an accident report for insurance purposes. We can obtain a copy of the reports and use them as evidence.

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Damages in a Trucking Accident

What you are allowed to claim in a trucking accident can range from economic damages to non-economic and punitive damages, including:

Economic Damages

Economic damages are losses that we can calculate with reasonable precision. They are tangible or measurable losses, such as:

  • Present and future medical costs
  • Present and future lost income
  • Repair to your vehicle
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Living adjustments

Non-economic Damages

Non-economic damages are intangible losses that are intended to compensate you for physical or psychological harm caused by the truck accident. You may be able to claim damages such as:

  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Mental or emotional anguish
  • Loss of consortium
  • Disability or disfigurement
  • Overall loss of quality of life

Punitive Damages

The court may punish a trucking company that is guilty of gross negligence or reckless endangerment. For instance, if a trucking company consistently fails safety inspections, but does nothing to change its maintenance procedures, a judge may award you punitive damages as an exemplary action. Punitive damages are not compensation. They are more or less punishment against the at-fault party.

Wrongful Death

If you have a loved one that was killed in a trucking accident, your family may be entitled to a wrongful death settlement. Florida Statutes section 768.19 allows you to bring a wrongful death suit to bring a legal remedy for death and all associated losses. This may include funeral costs, loss of household income, pain and suffering, or pre-death medical expenses.

At the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine, we are committed to helping you get the best outcome possible based on the extent of your losses. We push for maximum compensation to cover your economic and non-economic damages.

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