Is a Broken Bone Serious Bodily Injury? Serious bodily injuries must meet a certain threshold to qualify for compensation and breaking a bone typically meets it.

In most cases, any broken bone will be considered as a serious enough injury to justify compensation. Each state has a set of criteria in place regarding what is considered to be a serious bodily injury. The state of Florida has a few points that must be met for an injury to be labeled as severe. Under Florida Statute § 627.737, the points are:

  • Loss of “important bodily function”
  • Permanent injuries
  • Death

Even though there are not many details provided in the statute, there is a bit of knowledge available about what types of injuries will push a person over the threshold to make a broken bone a serious bodily injury claim.

When it comes to fractured bones, it may depend on the bone that is broken. For example, a fractured finger on your non-dominant hand is not going to be as significant of an injury as a broken hand or arm. However, any type of broken bone that inhibits some function of your body is severe as it will hinder your way of life in some way.

It is also important to note that serious bodily injuries do not have to cause permanent disability to be a “serious” injury but impair a person for a significant amount of time.

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When Broken Bones Meet Legal Criteria for Serious Bodily Injuries

Since the laws do not go into much detail about what types of bodily injuries will meet the threshold, it is essential to consider other similar cases. If you have a fractured bone and are unable to walk for a prolonged period of time, the chances are that you will meet the threshold. However, it will also depend on how bad the break is and what your recovery time is. There are many details regarding personal injuries that will need to be considered before pursuing a personal injury claim.

Pursuing Compensation for Your Personal Injuries

If you have a broken bone as the result of an accident, it is a good idea to determine whether or not you meet the medical threshold in order to hold someone else liable for your pain and suffering, as well as your medical care. Contact the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine at 1-800-747-3733. Our personal injury attorneys are happy to assist you in determining whether your bodily injuries meet the required threshold.

We can:

  • Valuate your injuries and losses
  • Keep you updated throughout your case
  • Answer your questions
  • Make you aware of all your options
  • Handle communication with the insurance company
  • File all paperwork within relevant timelines
  • Visit the scene of the accident to analyze the traffic pattern and any remaining evidence
  • Collect medical and accident reports
  • Take photos of your injuries and property damage

Be aware that the state of Florida imposes a statute of limitations to act after suffering bodily injuries. If you do not reach out to our personal injury law firm before the timeline expires, you will likely forfeit your right to pursue compensation.