Baldwin Construction Accident Lawyer After suffering an accident at a construction site, workers’ compensation laws in Florida can help employees.

Construction workers in Florida have extremely important jobs, helping to fuel economic growth in the state. But they also can be placed in harm’s way as they do their work. Whether they are operating at a great height, working around heavy equipment, or dealing with dangerous materials, injuries are a possibility at any time for any construction worker.

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Dangers of Working on Construction Sites

In 2018, in the state of Florida, construction and extraction workers suffered 84 fatal occupational injuries, more than any other occupation. This shows the danger construction workers face on a daily basis.

Construction workers often face significant fall fatalities due to on the job hazards. Whether the employee is working on an upper floor of a building, doing roofing work, or working on a bridge, the possibility of suffering a serious injury from a fall is high.

Additionally, the construction worker could be exposed to dangerous chemicals on the job, and these could cause health problems over time, leaving the employee unable to perform his or her duties.

Filing a Claim

When you are ready to file a workers’ compensation claim for your injury suffered on the construction site, you must notify your employer about the injury, and you must state your intention to file the workers’ compensation claim.

You only have a certain amount of time to perform these tasks. If you miss a deadline, you could reduce your chance of receiving a favorable outcome.

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Trying to Deny a Claim

To receive the fairest possible settlement, you must prove that you suffered the injury at work and while you were performing your normal duties, among a few other items.

However, your employer or the insurance company may not believe your claims, looking to prove that you did not meet the rules of receiving workers compensation benefits, including:

  • Causing your own injury on purpose
  • Using drugs or alcohol before the injury
  • Performing tasks not related to your job
  • Not following the proper training for the task

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