Alafaya Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer If you or a loved one was injured in a slip and fall accident in Alafaya, our attorneys can help you seek compensation for your medical bills and more.

If you have medical bills, lost wages, and other damages resulting from a slip and fall injury, the property owner where your accident took place may owe you compensation.

An Alafaya slip and fall accident lawyer with the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine can help you prove your injuries stemmed from negligent conditions and assist you with seeking the compensation you may deserve.

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Slip and Fall Accident Compensation

Slip and fall accidents can cause head injuries, fractures, broken hips, and spine and back injuries. If your accident was not your fault, you may deserve help with your medical bills and other expenses. You may also deserve compensation for your pain and suffering.

You could seek the following forms of compensation:

Economic Damages

These are your out-of-pocket losses, including medical care, lost wages, loss of earning capacity (if you cannot return to work), and the value of any personal property damaged during your accident.

Compensation for your medical bills includes your past and future care needs, such as:

  • Hospitalizations
  • Surgeries
  • Follow-up treatment
  • Rehabilitation
  • Medical devices
  • And more

Non-Economic Damages

These are awards for your physical pain, mental anguish, and emotional suffering. They include compensation for complications resulting from accidents, including depression, chronic pain, problems sleeping, reduced physical or cognitive functioning, and loss of enjoyment of life.

Because these damages do not rely on quantifiable figures, they can be harder to calculate. Our lawyers can help you seek a fair settlement amount. 

How Much Could I Seek in a Claim or Lawsuit?

According to the Florida Department of Health (DOH), the median hospitalization cost for non-fatal fall injuries in Florida is around $46,000. The exact value of your case will depend on the nature and severity of your injuries, the cost of your medical care, your current wages and lost wages, the extent of your non-economic damages, and other factors.

While there is no predetermined amount a slip and fall victim can seek, we can help you understand what damages you qualify to pursue.

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Seeking Compensation for Fatal Fall Injuries in Florida

Slip and fall injuries, even those not occurring from heights, can be fatal. The Florida Department of Health (DOH) reports that unintentional falls are the fourth leading cause of injury death in the state for people ages 1-44.

If your loved one died from injuries sustained in a slip and fall, you may have the right to seek compensation for their wrongful death. You may pursue awards for your loved one’s medical bills, funeral and burial costs, the loss of your loved one’s financial support and companionship, and your pain and suffering.

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Our Lawyers Will Seek the Money You Need to Get Back on Your Feet

Our slip and fall attorneys will work tirelessly to secure the maximum amount of compensation available to you while providing you with top-notch client service along the way. We will:

  • Return call and emails in a timely fashion
  • Provide you with regular case updates
  • Give you full access to our team, including giving your lawyer’s cell phone number
  • Help you schedule appointments
  • Answer all of your questions and outline your best options

Our Attorneys Can Handle Your Insurance Claim

If you or a loved one have slip and fall accident injuries, it is a good idea to get started on your insurance claim as soon as possible. Our attorneys can contact the property owner on your behalf, file your claim, communicate with the insurance companies, and represent you through the negotiation process. We will handle your paperwork, deadlines, and make a case for negligence. 

If we cannot successfully resolve your case through an insurance claim, we are not afraid to take legal action. If your case must go to court, you have four years to file a personal injury lawsuit and two years to file a wrongful death lawsuit, according to Florida law (Florida Statutes § 95.11).

Our Attorneys Require No Upfront Fees to Get Started

We will not add to your bills or financial stress by asking for payment up front. Our team can get you started with a free case evaluation. If you choose our firm, we can take your case on contingency, meaning our fees come from your successful settlement or verdict. If we do not win awards for you, we do not collect payment.

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Property Owners Must Make Their Premises Safe for Visitors and Consumers

Alafaya’s proximity to theme parks and resorts makes it an attractive place for those visiting Florida. The area has many hotels and offers a selection of restaurants, bars, and shops for tourists and locals. The owners of each of these spaces, as well as private property owners, have a legal obligation to make sure their premises are safe.

This includes ensuring a property is free from hazards that could lead to a slip and fall, such as:

  • Defective sidewalks
  • Potholes
  • Ripped or torn carpeting
  • Cracked, loose, or broken floorboards or tiles
  • Poor lighting
  • Lack of hand railings
  • Defective staircases
  • Obstructed walkways
  • Wet or slippery floors
  • Uneven flooring

If a property owner’s negligence caused your injuries, our attorneys will help you prove it. We will speak with witnesses, investigate the scene of your accident, and collect other available evidence, including medical records, surveillance video, and expert testimony. We will fight to get every penny available from your insurance claim or lawsuit.

How You Can Prepare a Strong Foundation for Your Alafaya Injury Case

Our attorneys will do much of the work of your case for you – but there are steps you can take to prepare your case. First, if you have not sought medical treatment, do so immediately. After receiving care, make sure to follow the advice of your doctor and attend all subsequent appointments.

Write down every detail you can remember about your fall accident, keep records of your medical care, and direct any insurers or property owners who may contact you to speak with your attorney.

Finally, consider taking advantage of a free case review with our team. The call is no obligation, and you could learn your next steps to move forward towards financial recovery.

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You do not have to fight the insurance companies or take legal action on your own. The Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine goes the extra mile to serve injury victims in Florida. We offer responsive legal care, and we will work hard to achieve a satisfactory outcome for your slip and fall case.

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