What Happens When Someone Leaves the Scene of an Accident? If you or a family member was the victim of a car accident where the at-fault driver fled the scene, contact a lawyer for help seeking compensation.

When someone leaves the scene of an accident, they can make it very difficult or impossible for the injured parties to recover the compensation they deserve.

When a driver flees the scene of a car accident, the law can step in to investigate. Depending on the circumstances of the accident, the other driver can face hefty penalties and fines when the driver is eventually caught, including possible imprisonment ranging from 60 days to 30 years, and the loss of their driving privileges for three years or even longer.

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You Must File a Car Accident Report Even if the Other Driver Leaves

Filing a car accident report can help strengthen your case for financial recovery. In Florida, reporting a car accident within 10 days of the collision is mandatory under certain circumstances, including if:

  • Anyone involved in the accident endured physical injuries
  • Anyone involved in the accident suffered fatal injuries
  • Either involved vehicle requires towing from the scene
  • Either involved vehicle is a commercial vehicle
  • Any vehicle involved in the accident was damaged or blocked traffic
  • The accident was caused by impairment due to driving under the influence

While you need to file a report anyway, calling the police will create an unbiased report of what occurred. A police report can capture important details that you may need in your fight for justice and financial compensation. Also, in many cases, you need a police report to establish the accident occurred when you are attempting to recover compensation from your insurer.

Collect Additional Information to Support Your Claim

As the victim of an accident where the driver does not stay at the scene, you may feel helpless and frustrated. In addition to a police report, you can help bolster your case by collecting information that includes names and contact information from witnesses and photos of the accident scene. This may make the process of collecting evidence easier, later on.

Even if someone leaves the scene of an accident, you may be able to pursue the financial compensation you deserve to get your life back on track with the guidance and support of an attorney.

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Explore Your Legal Options After a Hit and Run Accident

If you were injured in a car accident and the driver fled the scene, you may not know what to do to identify and locate the hit and run driver. Police investigations and the assistance of an attorney might guide you to identify and legally pursue the right person.

When someone leaves the scene of an accident, your opportunity for legal justice and monetary compensation should not disappear with the irresponsible driver. Speak to an attorney who will go the extra mile for you. Contact the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine at 1-800-747-3733 to explore every option for recovery you might have available.