Tallahassee Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer If you have suffered an injury in a fall, a Tallahassee slip and fall accident lawyer may be able to help you hold a party responsible for their negligence.

If you have sustained an injury in a slip and fall accident in Tallahassee, you could hold the property owner or occupier accountable through a civil lawsuit. If you can establish that they failed to protect you from a dangerous hazard, you could obtain compensation for your medical bills and other expenses. 

There are unique challenges that come with slip and fall accidents that are not present with other types of injury claims. Thankfully, a slip and fall accident lawyer from our firm could help you overcome these challenges and get the compensation you deserve. 

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What Is a Slip and Fall Claim Worth?

No one can promise you a specific outcome for a slip and fall injury claim. There are too many factors that go into the outcome of your case to accurately predict the value of a potential settlement. However, you could learn about the factors that go into determining the value of your case during a free consultation. These factors include:

  • The severity of your injuries. Few factors will have a larger impact on the value of your case than the severity of your bodily injuries. The more severe your injuries are, the more medical bills you are likely to accrue. A severe injury will also typically result in larger claims for pain and suffering or lost wages. 
  • Insurance coverage. Property owners are required to maintain a minimum level of insurance coverage. However, not all owners carry enough insurance to cover the full cost of an injury claim. If there is not enough insurance to cover the full value of your claim, it could impact your chances of a full recovery. 
  • Disputed claims. Another major factor that will determine the value of a slip and fall claim is if the property owner disputes liability. If the property owner accepts the fall was their fault, it could be easier to secure a fair settlement compared to cases where they dispute liability. 
  • Unreasonable acts. The visitors to real property have obligations of their own. If you acted unreasonably, it could impact the strength of your claim. 

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Compensation for Slip and Fall Claims

Like any personal injury claim, the ultimate goal of a slip and fall case is to recover monetary compensation for the injuries you sustained. There are different forms of compensation that might be available in your case. Common examples include:

  • Lost wages. You could recover any missed paychecks from your time away from work following a fall.
  • Medical bills. The cost of your medical treatment could also be part of your injury settlement. 
  • Pain and suffering. Compensation could also be available for your physical pain and suffering. 

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Common Factors in Slip and Fall Injuries

Any time a fall occurs on the property of another person, it could result in a personal injury claim. However, some circumstances are more likely than others to lead to a legal case. Some of the most common examples include:

  • Unmarked hazards. Some slip and fall hazards are impossible to move or otherwise make safe. When there is no reasonable way to remove a hazard, the property owner has a duty to mark it and notify any visitors of the location. 
  • Poor maintenance. The lack of adequate maintenance routinely leads to slip and fall claims. Some common examples include missing steps, loose handrails, or bunched carpet. 
  • Improper lighting. Not all falls occur due to tripping over some obstruction or hazard. A slip and fall could occur in an otherwise safe location when the lighting is dim or inadequate. 
  • Spills. Spills are another common cause of slip and fall accidents. In grocery stores, spilled fruit or dairy products commonly lead to falls. In restaurants, falls occur due to spilled food or drinks. 
  • Wet floors. A wet floor can easily cause a slip or fall. Floors could be wet for a variety of reasons, including leaks or recent cleaning. These hazards are more likely to result in a legal claim when they are not marked with a wet floor sign. 

These represent only a handful of the ways a slip, trip, or fall could occur. Before assuming your fall will not result in financial compensation, discuss your legal rights with personal injury attorney

Overcoming Challenges in Slip and Fall Accident Cases

There are challenges that exist in slip and fall injury cases that are not present in every personal injury case. Additionally, there are defenses available to property owners and occupiers that are similar to those in other types of personal injury claims. While these challenges exist, our team could help you overcome them when pursuing your own slip and fall claim. 

While property owners hold a duty to provide a premises free from unreasonable hazards, they do not owe the same duty to everyone. The specific duty a property owner or occupier holds depends on the status of the person that is on their premises. 

Property Owners Usually do not Need to Protect Trespassers From Harm

Property owners owe a duty to most people that enter their premises. This is true both of businesses and their customers as well as private residence owners and their social guests. Not everyone enjoys the same protection under the law. According to Florida Statutes § 768.075, property owners do not owe a duty to trespassers under most circumstances. 

While this is true of most negligence claims, property owners could still be liable for the injuries they intentionally cause to trespassers. While these issues can be problematic in some cases, our team understands how to overcome these challenges and prevail in a slip and fall claim.   

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Secure the Compensation You Need After a Fall

In the aftermath of your fall, your top priority should be recovering from your injuries. This can be hard to focus on if you are concerned about the cost of your medical care. Our firm can take the stress of a personal injury claim off of your shoulders, letting you focus on healing after a fall. 

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