The term “slip and fall” sounds innocuous, but injuries from falls are a leading cause of many severe complications. A bad fall can lead to brain trauma, spinal injuries, broken bones, and more. Among the elderly, falls—particularly those that result in hip fractures—can be particularly dangerous.

If you suffered a slip and fall injury on someone else’s property, you might be eligible to receive compensation from the property owner or manager. The lawyers at the Law Firm of Anidjar & Levine can help.

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How can I win compensation from a slip and fall injury?

Many slip and fall injuries occur because of hazards or dangerous conditions on private or public property. Property owners and managers have a responsibility to keep their properties reasonably free of hazards. If a problem emerges, the property owner must fix it promptly.

In the meantime, they must take reasonable steps to protect visitors from the hazard. These steps include posting signs, roping off the area, and giving verbal warning of the danger.

We investigate the circumstances surrounding your injury and gather evidence proving the property owner’s negligence. We take photographs and video of the scene, interview witnesses, examine police reports, and confer with expert witnesses.

Our attorneys have won compensation in many types of slip and fall cases. We have seen this type of accident occur for a variety of reasons.

Wet or Slippery Floors

Property owners have a duty to take care of wet or slippery floors right away. For instance, you have probably seen the “wet floor” signs that employees set up in grocery stores while mopping or cleaning. But the presence of a sign does not necessarily mean that the business has fulfilled its duty to protect you from harm. Where was the sign placed? Was it clearly visible from all angles approaching the area in question? Was it big, bold, and clear enough to grab your attention? Our attorneys can investigate the scene and gather evidence of the property owner’s liability.

Dangerous Stairs

Staircases are a frequent source of slip and fall injuries, particularly for elderly and disabled individuals. If your injury occurred on stairs, we can potentially build your case on several factors, such as a loose or missing stair, a broken railing, or narrow treads.

Poor Lighting

Owners of commercial properties that are open to the public must provide ample lighting inside the building as well as in parking lots and sidewalk areas outside the property. If you slipped and fell because poor lighting prevented you from seeing a hazard, our attorneys can gather evidence and seek damages.

Uneven Floors

A sudden and unmarked change in the elevation of a walking surface is a hazard. If you slipped and fell due to an uneven floor and you feel you were not properly warned, we can investigate and build a case.

Unsecured Carpet

Throw rugs and similar types of carpet that do not secure to the floor can make it easy to lose your footing and fall. Property owners are responsible for ensuring such hazards do not exist in areas accessible to visitors.

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What kinds of damages can I win?

Depending on the circumstances of your fall and the nature of your injuries, we can pursue several types of damages on your behalf.

Medical Bills

Your medical bills could range anywhere from a minor inconvenience to a financial catastrophe. If you require a hospital stay, the costs can add up quickly, as even a short outpatient visit often results in thousands of dollars in charges. Certain severe slip and fall injuries, such as to the head or spine, can require months, years, or even a lifetime of therapy and rehabilitation. We pursue the responsible party for both current and expected future medical bills associated with your injury.

Lost Wages

If you have spent time away from work due to your injury, you deserve compensation for the wages you have lost. Similarly, if your injury causes lasting effects that reduce your earning capacity, the responsible party should pay for what you are no longer able to earn on your own. We seek maximum damages for lost wages and earning capacity.

Pain and Suffering

A slip and fall injury can result in severe pain, a difficult recovery process, and loss of quality of life. These damages are not as easy to quantify as medical bills or lost wages. You need a skilled, experienced lawyer to calculate a fair settlement amount for these damages if you want the maximum compensation for your claim. Our attorneys have a strong track record of pursuing and winning large sums for injured clients who experienced pain and suffering.

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