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According to the National Safety Council (NSC), slip and falls are among the most common types of preventable injuries. Often, these incidents are a result of another party’s negligence.

Some slip and fall incidents cause severe injuries, such as broken or fractured bones, or even death. Per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), older adults are particularly vulnerable to severe slip and fall injuries, although no one is entirely immune.

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Types of Slip and Fall Accidents & Injuries

While incidents most often occur in inclement weather or at locations, such as construction sites, slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere at any time.

Slip and fall incidents are one of four different types of related incidents, all of which can constitute a personal injury. These situations include:

  • Trip and fall: when a victim trips over a foreign object, such as a tool left on a worksite
  • Stump and fall: where an unmarked tree stump impedes a walkway, such as a sidewalk
  • Step and fall: where a person falls into a hole or other fault in the walkway, such as an open utility hole
  • Slip and fall: where a person slips and falls on a slippery surface, such as a wet floor

If a victim is seriously injured in any of these circumstances, they may have grounds for a personal injury case. If you have suffered a broken or fractured bone in such an incident, you will need first to determine who was at fault before you can seek financial compensation.

Pursuing a personal injury case requires proving another party’s negligence caused your suffering. If you can prove another party is responsible, a lawyer can assist you in building a case and designing a strategy to seek monetary awards for your medical bills and other costs associated with your injury.

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Negligence and Premises Liability

Property owners, managers, and maintenance companies have an obligation, known as a duty of care, to ensure their land is safe for tenants, employees, and visitors. While some threats cannot be predicted or prevented, many can. It is up to property managers, owners, and maintenance companies to do their best to mitigate hazards and protect everyone on-site.

Some examples of steps individuals should take to prevent or address perils, such as slip and falls, include:

  • Using non-slip mats in entryways and hallways that frequently become slippery
  • Putting up “wet floor” signs
  • Placing warning signs or reflective tape on difficult-to-spot steps, bumps, and other tripping hazards
  • Securing or cordoning off work zones and cleaning up when work is finished
  • Utilizing signage to warn people about slippery steps, walkways, or parking lots
  • Clearing stairs, walkways, and parking lots after a storm
  • Fixing and cleaning up leaks
  • Repairing broken or unstable guardrails and stairwell banisters promptly
  • Fixing large cracks or potholes in the sidewalk or parking lot
  • Mending uneven floors or torn carpets
  • Placing handrails where required
  • Ensuring there is sufficient lighting

When a landlord, property owner, manager, or maintenance company is negligent and fails to uphold their duty of care, and an injury occurs, they may be liable for the harm done. This type of personal injury case falls under premises liability.

If you or a loved one suffered a severe injury from a slip and fall, a Miami broken or fractured bones caused by a slip and fall lawyer might be able to help you. Victims of the other party’s negligence may have grounds to pursue financial compensation for current and anticipated future medical costs, rehabilitation and long-term care, lost wages, reduced earning capacity, and emotional pain and suffering.

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How a Lawyer Can Assist You

Seeking compensation from another party for an injury they were responsible for can be difficult. Let a lawyer assist you with your case so you can focus on getting better.

An attorney can support you by investigating the incident and the circumstances that led to the accident, proving who was at fault and demonstrating the extent and scope of your losses. They will build a case and devise a strategy to pursue compensation on your behalf.

Usually, the first step is to seek monetary compensation from the responsible party’s insurance provider. In this situation, a lawyer will help you file a claim if you have not already done so. Most policies have a clause mandating policyholders to notify the insurer within a reasonable timeframe for the claim to be valid.

This is not the same as a statute of limitations, which is the timeframe within which you can bring a lawsuit against another party. However, if you want to file a personal injury lawsuit, make sure you do it within four years, according to Florida Statutes § 95.11.

A lawyer will also help you negotiate for a fair payout. The other party’s insurance provider may attempt to offer an amount that is less than you deserve, and a lawyer can support you in this situation.

Suppose the insurance coverage is insufficient to cover the full extent of your losses, or you face other roadblocks in seeking compensation in this way. In that case, your lawyer can assist you in building and filing a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible party in a civil court of law. Many personal injury cases settle before either party steps foot in a courtroom. However, if necessary, your attorney can represent you in a court of law.

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A traumatic experience like a slip and fall accident can take a toll on your mind and body. In addition to the physical pain you are suffering, you may be dealing with stress and anxiety, particularly if you are facing financial strain from medical bills and lost wages. You do not have to go through this tough time alone.

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