Lehigh Acres Broken Bones Lawyer You may be owed compensation if you have suffered broken bones because of someone’s negligence.

Many types of accidents can result in broken bones. Some of these accidents may entitle victims to compensation. The Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine will review your case and pursue any awards that you may deserve. Broken bones can prevent you from working and cause substantial medical expenses, among other losses.

A Lehigh Acres broken bones lawyer from our team will handle a lawsuit or insurance claim for you. They will serve you until your case is complete.

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We handle a variety of broken bone cases

You should call our team regardless of how your bones became broken. We may be able to help you pursue compensation after a variety of accident types.

Some of the case types that we handle are:

  • Car accidents
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Trip and fall accidents
  • Injuries allowed by negligent security
  • Workplace injuries
  • Defective product accidents
  • Medical errors
  • Animal attacks

These are just a few of our practice areas. They are not the only circumstances that can produce broken bones. Call us regardless of whether your broken bones came from the circumstances listed above or from another type of accident.

Coverage you may obtain for your broken bones

Broken bones are going to cost you—the question is how much your costs will total. Our firm can determine the cost of your injuries to date and will also project any future losses that could come from your broken bones.

Some considerations we will make when calculating your losses are:

  • How many bones you have broken
  • Which bones you have broken
  • Your prognosis for recovery
  • The specific symptoms you are experiencing
  • The cost of medical care that you have already received and may receive in the future

Our team will gather a complete picture of your losses. Suffering broken bones could lead to:

  • The loss of income for a significant period, if not permanently
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Long-term symptoms that require ongoing medical care
  • Substantial medical costs
  • Rehabilitation

The circumstances that caused your broken bones may also cause other related losses. You may have recurring trauma, damage to property, and other recoverable losses from an accident. We will seek coverage for all of your eligible losses.

Our firm takes a responsive approach to legal care. We first ensure that you are in a position to recover. Then, we pursue the compensation that you may deserve through insurance or civil courts.

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We can file a lawsuit if insurance does not cover you

The cause of your broken bones may be one covered by insurance. When it comes to auto accidents, premises liability cases, and other case types, a Lehigh Acres broken bones lawyer from our team will explore whether insurance covers your losses.

We are familiar with Florida’s rules for pursuing personal injury lawsuits, as outlined by Florida Statutes § 627.737. In cases where negligence or the nature of your injuries allows you to pursue compensation through a lawsuit, we will handle your legal case.

You may pursue a personal injury lawsuit if:

  • Your injuries cause permanent symptoms
  • Your injuries cause significant or permanent loss of bodily function
  • Your injuries are the result of negligence

Each client’s case is different, and we will respond appropriately to the facts of your case.

Steps we will take to complete your case

There are different possibilities for the outcome of your case. Those possibilities include:

  • An insurance payout
  • A settlement negotiated before we file your lawsuit
  • A settlement negotiated after we file your lawsuit
  • A judgment following a trial

We will work to secure a settlement rather than going to trial. The American Bar Association (ABA) explains that settlements are more common than trials. You may prefer a settlement because:

  • Trials may take longer than settling
  • Trials may require case participants to pay court fees
  • A settlement may provide all of the compensation that you need
  • A settlement may allow you to move on more quickly from your injuries than a trial may

However, if a trial is necessary, then we will take your case to court. Some of the measures we will take to seek a judgment are:

  • Gathering all of the evidence that we can locate
  • Investigating your accident in a thorough manner
  • Re-interviewing any witnesses to your accident (or the circumstances that led to your accident)
  • Gathering medical records that show the extent of your injuries
  • Working with medical professionals whose testimony may support your case
  • Recreating any accident that caused your broken bone

Our goal will be to present a convincing case so that insurance companies or attorneys are willing to settle.

Our legal care is responsive legal care

Personal injury cases present a delicate balancing act. You may be occupied with your recovery but may also want to know how your case is progressing. We offer responsive legal care catered to your desired level of involvement.

We handle all of the legal work, but we also:

  • Answer your phone calls
  • Respond to your emails
  • Provide case updates as frequently as you would like them

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We offer legal services for broken bone cases at no up-front cost. You do not pay us unless we win for you, and you never pay us out of pocket. A Lehigh Acres broken bones lawyer from our firm will help facilitate your recovery while seeking financial justice for you.

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