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If you were on someone else’s property when you slipped and fell in Coral Springs, Florida, you might qualify for compensation for your injuries. The Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine can take care of your money damages claim so that you can focus on getting well.

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Elements of Negligence in Slip and Fall Accidents

You have to show that the property owner was negligent in causing your injuries to hold her responsible for your losses. Without negligence, the owner of the premises has no liability. All three of these factors must be true to establish negligence on the part of the owner:

  • There was a dangerous condition on the premises.
  • The owner knew about the hazard.
  • The owner did not repair the condition or post adequate warnings about it.

When we can prove all three of these elements, and that the negligence caused your injury, we can go after money damages from the owner.

Let’s say that a restaurant in Coral Springs recently underwent renovations. The remodeling work included new flooring. The new flooring was attractive but susceptible to becoming slick with even small amounts of liquid. People reported incidents of sliding on the floor when entering the restaurant during Florida rain showers. The owner could have corrected the hazard by placing skid-resistant rubber-backed mats inside the entry doors to absorb any tracked-in water but decided not to for aesthetic reasons. Also, there were no warning signs about the slippery floor.

A customer entered the restaurant on a rainy day. His feet went out from under him on the slick floor, causing him to fall and break his hip.

Let’s evaluate whether this fact pattern satisfies all three prongs of negligence. There was a dangerous condition on the premises – the slick flooring. The owner knew about the hazard because people reported the situation. The owner did not repair the condition or post adequate warnings because he felt that doing so would destroy the newly-remodeled look.

This scenario meets all three tests for premises owner liability. The owner will have to pay for the injured person’s losses.

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Tips for What to Do After a Coral Springs, FL Slip and Fall Accident

The things you do soon after an injury can impact how well you might heal and how much compensation can collect. Of course, the actual steps you take after your accident will depend on the facts of your situation, but it can help to know some general pointers.

  • Get medical attention right away. Your best chance of optimal healing usually comes with prompt medical treatment. Without intervention, things like internal bleeding and neck or back injuries can worsen and become life-threatening. Some injuries do not show symptoms immediately, so be sure to get a professional medical evaluation after a hard fall.
  • Your medical records will provide a link between your injuries and the accident. Without that connection, the defendant might claim that you got hurt from some other event.
  • Have someone take photographs of the hazard that caused your slip and fall. When someone gets hurt, managers and owners are quick to clean up the scene, removing vital evidence of the cause of the incident.
  • Collect names and contact information of people who might have information that could help your case. For example, a bystander who commented that she saw someone slide on the floor earlier might be a useful witness.
  • Notify the owner of the store, restaurant, or other premises where you got hurt. Make sure to follow up with a written incident report.
  • Contact a slip and fall accident lawyer in Coral Springs, Florida. When you make a claim for injury damages against a commercial establishment, you will have to deal with a massive liability insurance company. You do not want to have to face an opponent like that on your own.
  • Complete all of your medical treatment so that the defendant cannot blame you for having residual impairment after your recuperation. Unless there is a very good reason to do otherwise, like an adverse reaction to a procedure, follow your doctor’s orders and finish all of the prescribed therapy.

When the Law Office of Anidjar & Levine handle your slip and fall accident case, you can focus on getting better and leave the rest to our slip and fall lawyers in Coral Springs.

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Damages for Slip and Fall Accidents in Coral Springs, Florida

Every situation is unique, so we cannot say how much compensation you are likely to receive without talking with you and investigating your Coral Springs, FL slip and fall accident. The amount of your money damages will depend on the facts of your case.

Some of the common damages in slip and fall accidents include:

  • Medical bills to treat your injuries
  • Lost wages, for the time you missed from work without pay because of the accident and your recuperation.
  • Ongoing medical treatment after the initial trauma care.
  • Diminished earning potential, if your injuries keep you from making as much money as you could before the fall.
  • Rehabilitation center, if you have to stay at a specialized care facility for an extended time to treat significant injuries.
  • Long-term care, if catastrophic injuries leave you in need of continuing daily assistance with medical treatments and personal care.
  • Pain and suffering, for the physical discomfort and emotional distress you experienced.
  • Other intangible losses, like loss of enjoyment of life and your spouse’s claim for loss of consortium.

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How to Get Help for Your Coral Springs, FL Slip and Fall Accident Claim

If you fell and got hurt on someone else’s property in Coral Springs, Florida, a slip and fall lawyer in Coral Springs can help. Call the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine today at 1-800-747-3733 for a free consultation. Let us take care of your injury claim so that you can devote your full attention to your health and well-being.

We handle slip and fall accident cases on a contingent fee basis, which means that you will not have to pay upfront legal fees. Our fees will come out of the settlement or award at the end of the matter.