Clearwater Catastrophic Injury Lawyer If you suffered a catastrophic injury due to the negligence of another party in Clearwater, you could recover compensation.

A catastrophic injury can change a person’s life forever in the blink of an eye. While a catastrophic injury potentially describes any significant injury that prevents a person from resuming their normal life, the term typically refers to serious spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, loss of a limb, and other life-changing impairments.  

Catastrophic injuries can cause immense suffering and financial strain. However, if you or a loved one suffered a debilitating long-term injury due to the negligence of another party in Clearwater, you could have legal recourse options.

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Take Action as Soon as Possible

Catastrophic injuries can happen in many types of accidents, including:

  • Workplace accidents
  • Medical malpractice incidents
  • Accidents involving faulty or dangerous products
  • Assaults and attacks
  • Sports accidents
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Dog bites and animal attacks

If months or even years have passed after your accident, and you are now wondering whether you have legal recourse options, prompt legal action could work to your benefit.

While Florida Statutes § 95.11 generally gives victims four years to file a personal injury lawsuit, you may only have two years if medical malpractice caused your injury, for example. If you are intending to sue a government body, your timeline could be even shorter.

While there can be many causes of catastrophic injuries, not all qualify for compensation. However, if someone else’s negligence caused your serious injury, willful misconduct, or recklessness, you could hold them accountable.

Our Clearwater catastrophic injury lawyer can help you determine the best timing for initiating a lawsuit.

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Damages Available for a Catastrophic Injury in Clearwater

Accidental injury is now the third leading cause of death in the U.S., with one American accidentally injured every second, according to the National Safety Council (NSC). Catastrophic injuries can cause a victim physical and emotional anguish and lead to sky-high health care costs for the rest of a victim’s life.

However, if someone else is responsible for causing your injury, you could recover damages including but not limited to:

Medical Expenses 

Those who suffer from a debilitating catastrophic injury may never be able to live independently again and could require around-the-clock care, potentially resulting in soaring medical bills.

If you suffer from a catastrophic injury, however, you could recover all medical costs with a claim or lawsuit, including any future healthcare needs. This can include surgeries, hospital stays, medical devices, rehabilitative therapies, and a home health aide, as well as other expenses.

Lost Income

Individuals who have experienced a catastrophic injury are unlikely to ever work again. If they can return to gainful employment at all, it will most likely be at a reduced capacity. Therefore, victims could seek damages for lost income, future lost income, and future reduced earning potential.

Pain and Suffering

It goes without saying that experiencing a catastrophic injury is typically excruciatingly painful and emotionally distressing. A victim may never again partake in activities or hobbies they used to enjoy. However, individuals who have suffered beyond measure are generally able to pursue damages for emotional and physical pain and suffering. They could also receive the following non-economic damages as well as others:

  • Loss of life enjoyment
  • Permanent disability
  • Loss of a sense or a limb
  • Permanent disfigurement and scarring

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The sooner you start to pursue what you deserve, the sooner you could recover damages that can help you pay for medical treatments and other expenses. There can be a lot at stake when it comes to catastrophic injury lawsuits, and our attorney can help you with:

Handling Insurance Companies

The at-fault party’s insurance company may fight tooth and nail to keep payouts as low as possible. By partnering with our law firm, we can defend you against bad faith insurance practices and negotiate a settlement on your behalf. 

Gathering Proof for Your Case

No matter how your catastrophic injury happened, if you want to stand a chance of recovering damages, you will need to prove the responsibility of the other party in your claim by presenting clear and comprehensive evidence. Your attorney can obtain the necessary evidence.

Calculating Your Damages 

Self-represented litigants may not understand the full worth of their claim, particularly when it comes to subjective damages such as pain and suffering or loss of life enjoyment. However, our Clearwater catastrophic injury lawyer can calculate all your damages, including potential future expenses. If you do not know what your claim is worth, you risk leaving money on the table.

Providing a Shoulder to Lean On

 Handling a personal injury case alone can be tough, time-consuming, and stressful for healthy individuals, let alone for those recovering from catastrophic injuries. When you work with us, we will do all the work to advance your case while you can concentrate on healing and recovery. We always have an open ear for your concerns and questions during this difficult time.

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