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Patient Safety Network research indicates that approximately 1.5 million elderly citizens are residents in nursing homes across the U.S. In one particular study published by the American Journal of Medicine, the overall rate of adverse drug events in certain nursing homes was 9.8 per 100 resident-months, and 42% of these medication errors were deemed preventable or avoidable. Many medication errors can be avoided with the implementation of the following safety measures:

  • Heightened inter-provider communication
  • Improved medication monitoring
  • Computerized medication ordering systems
  • Organized communication strategies

If your elderly loved one received the wrong medication, an incorrect medication dosage, or medication intended for another resident, or if they were denied their medication, you could have the right to financial compensation.

A Boca Raton medication errors lawyer may be able to help you ensure the safety of your family member and receive financial compensation for medication errors made in their nursing home that adversely affected their health. Explore your recovery and correction options with a member of the nursing home abuse team at the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine by calling 1-888-587-9581.

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The Danger of Nursing Home Medication Errors

Medication errors can happen in a surprising number of ways and cause serious damage to the health of their victims. According to the Mayo Clinic research, medication errors can happen because of:

  • Dangerous medication interactions
  • Unintentional double doses or overdoses
  • Lack of communication or miscommunication
  • Similar-sounding medication names
  • Unfamiliar medical abbreviations

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) statistics cite elderly adults as the victims of 450,000 emergency room visits and hospital admissions due to medication errors each year. The dangers of only a few medications cause many of these visits, including:

  • Blood thinners
  • Diabetes medications
  • Seizure medications
  • Opioid analgesics
  • Heart medications

Medication errors are dangerous and can be life-threatening. If your elderly loved one was the victim of a medication error in their Boca Raton nursing home, you and they could be entitled to financial compensation. The lawyer who represents your family in your pursuit of financial recovery may be able to help you define the potential financial value of your nursing home abuse claim.

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Let Us Build a Strong Case File for Your Compensation Claim

If your loved one was medically injured because there was a drug mix-up or mishap in their nursing home, their overall health can be adversely affected. If that happens, you could be entitled to file a nursing home abuse insurance claim or lawsuit. Our team may be able to help you compile a case file that proves your loved one experienced a medication error and proves you are entitled to compensation.

Your evidence file may contain your loved one’s medication records, prescription drug pill counts, and blood and other laboratory results that demonstrate the amount of medication and number of different medications in their system at the time of the discovery. We might also be able to consult with medical or medication experts who strengthen and reinforce the validity of your claim.

If you believe your loved one was intentionally or unintentionally overdosed, underdosed, or incorrectly dosed in the nursing home you trusted with their care, a Boca Raton medication errors lawyer may be able to help you explore your options for financial recovery. Contact a nursing home abuse team member at the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine by calling 1-888-587-9581 today.

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Recoverable Damages Due to Medication Errors

Was the nursing home where your parent or spouse is a resident responsible for a medication error that negatively impacted your loved one’s health? If so, one of our team members may be able to help you recover the costs of restoring your loved one’s health.

You might be able to receive compensation for the economic and non-economic expenses related to your loved one’s medication error. That includes any emergency room care, hospitalization, or other forms of health care required to restore their health as fully as possible following a medication error.

Review the cost of the time your loved one spends recuperating, the time you spend caring for them, and the cost of transporting them to and from necessary medical treatments with your lawyer. Ask your lawyer to explain any additional parts of your nursing home abuse claim that might be eligible for compensation.

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Start Building a Medication Error Lawsuit Right Away

If someone you love was injured because of a medication error that occurred in their nursing home, you could have the basis of a compensation claim for nursing home abuse or neglect. While the law allows you to seek compensation for the mistreatment of your loved one in a Boca Raton nursing facility you trusted, the law also requires you to seek the appropriate legal remedy in a timely fashion.

According to Florida Statutes §400.0236, you generally have up to two years to file your lawsuit. While your lawsuit does not have to be completed or resolved within the two-year time frame, it does have to be filed within that period. When representing you, our nursing home abuse team will make sure your lawsuit is filed on time. This assurance is one more way in which we make sure you can focus your time and energy on taking care of your loved one while we take care of everything else.

Trust Our Nursing Home Abuse Team with Your Compensation Claim

Recovering from a medication error can take time and attention. Building an effective nursing home abuse or neglect case can also mean a huge time commitment. We understand how important it is for you to focus on your elderly loved one’s medical and emotional needs. Contact a member of our client care team when you are ready to let us work hard on your behalf so you can concentrate on your family. Call the client care team at the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine by dialing 1-888-587-9581 for more information on the benefits and advantages of hiring a Boca Raton medication errors lawyer.